army v navy rugby tickets

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by lofty301, Jan 31, 2006.

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  1. The time has come again to start planning the pilgrimage to london, so does anyone know who in the corps is dealing with the sales of tickets bnoth to the game and to the corps bar. Any serious help appreciated
  2. Try contacting the Corps Rugby Secretary. Your Sports Officer should have contact details.
  3. If you arrive at twick grounds before noon you can purchase the tickets on the gate, i do that every year.
  4. That won't get you access to the Corps bars. Wristbands must be sold in advance, and there are limited numbers.
  5. who sells the wristbands for the corps bar?
  6. Again, go through your Sports Officer who should be able to get them from the Corps Rugby Secretary.
  7. so the answer is no ones got a scooby's again this year

    R Sigs it's good to talk
  8. Smooj,

    Pretty sure that someone at Blandford normally advertises tickts on the RSA site? Might be worth a bash.
  9. have a feeling a girl in my mess is doing tickets and wrist bands for sigs will check and let you know mate!
  10. Without saying too much on here you need to speak to a certain lady at 251 Sqn in Aldersh*T and she will square you away, any more questions feel free to PM me