Army v. Navy Rugby - Dress for Mess Members

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Abandon_Ship!, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. I understand that RLC Mess Members would be looked upon favourably if they turned up at Twickenham wearing blazer, flannels and a military tie, an idea that I personally find aggreeable.

    Does any other Regiment and/or Corps express a similar wish?
  2. Exsqueeze me..... are you having a giraffe?? standard dress for this is rugby shirt and jeans mate...... the last thing you needis 45000 people rippin the p*** for a couple of hours.... its meant to be an enjoyable event so dress for fun and leave the tapes at work.
  3. In response to my question, I'll put you down as a "no"!
  4. I can imagine them at the cabbage patch pre game.or anywhere near twickers :roll:
    oh look a definate snco what a good target for the bottle of urine :lol:
    no thanks jeans for me
  5. Thanks for the tip - I'll stay away from the Cabbage Patch and other similar NAAFI Style environments!
  6. If the players have to wear it before and after, then shouldn't spectators of a certain rank and standing also wear collar and tie? I think it looks damn smart and it's useful for gatecrashing other Corp Tents coz u somteimes get mistaken for security! Some of the Inf tents do a crackin' buffet.
  7. Perhaps there is a need for a WO's and Sgt's Mess Tents where those that do not wish to witness some of the unecessary and outrageous behaviour of others can go and drink in a civilised environment. Also bear in mind, we are on show in the eyes of the public. Is mass drunkeness really the image we want Joe Public to have of us?
  8. Bloody hell just chill and enjoy the game, one day you will be a civvy again :lol:
  9. Because every time I have been fortunate enough to have been invited into the WO and Sgts Mess I have always had a quiet and well behaved evening....:D

    Edited for being a spelling mong.
  10. I shall be really posh and wear my hobnailed boots under my ballgown :lol:
  11. If you dont like it turn your back, turn a blind eye..etc...etc...
    Were you born a senior rank?
    I have seen far worse in some Sgt's messes than I have ever seen in a naafi bar.

    As per "lock stock" Chill Winston!

    Theres nobody about but us squaddies and rum bum and baccy boys anyway.
    So whats the problem?
  12. Out of one uniform, into another ! thanks. I quite like my regimenatl tie(s) but, i'm fooked if i'm wearing that crap to a rugby game.
  13. I trust you will have the obligatory 13 studs in each sole?! :lol:
  14. I misread that due to hangover but yes :lol:
  15. Surely this is exactly the debate our fore fathers had. but at an event like this you would have been lynched or crucified for such an apathetic attitude. This is why we will find ourselves in a combined 'Mess or even wors than having to share with the Officers an all ranks club. Have a word PLEASE!