Army v Navy RLC Tent

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Surprised the thread wasn't started sooner!

    New Regt Rugby top - Tick
    Tickets and swingers booked - Tick
    Hotel Booked - Tick
    Tpt to venue - In hand

    Looking forward to another year of tent banter. Is it open from 12?
  2. 1200-1430 according to the proforma. Capacity upped to 4000 this year, or 1000 pie munching Troggs! :)
  3. Come to the RTR one it has a cash bar.
  4. A cash bar! No chance, all the beer is free in the RLC bar and we have a live sex show starting at 1300..

    Your tent sounds gayer than a row of.....tents!
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  5. The beer is only free to those sporting a 'Forte' tattoo or a Corps blazer!
  6. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    Since when - we are also waterproof and have never had a tent.
  7. Also we have The Saturdays playing live from 1700 hrs.

    Now I havent got a clue who they are. A popular beat combo is what Corps Adjt says but I am none the wiser.
  8. How the mighty have fallen, from No1 singles and footballers to singing in the RLC tent!!

  9. Think they're a country and western duo. Yeeehar!
  10. I dont think they were cheap but we are the biggest Corps and have a huge fund!
  11. Nice to see the ODPS isn't going to waste. If Dingerr turns up he will have to wear a blindfold and earplugs! ;-)
  12. He doesnt pay into 1 day pay scheme so therefore will not be invited unless he pays a one off payment on gate.

    I am surprised none of this has been advertised.
  13. Maybe they want to make sure no other capbadges try and upstage them? The Sappers would probably try and get Adele, the Gunners would probably try and get The Osmans!!!!!!!!! ;-)
  14. I shall of course see you there, or the Winning Post for the usual yearly banter and abuse. Are you scruff order or are you conforming? I only ask as it will determine the length of time I verbally engage with you (ya big jessy)
  15. McNato,
    I get to make the rules now........NON conforming! Regt Rugby top and Status Quo jeans is our dress code!