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Army V Navy - RE Ticket & Wristband Needed

To echo the OP, I need a few wristbands/tickets as well. Can anyone help? Been well and truly shafted by my unit on this one!
If there are tickets still available Maj. Wood is the man in the know, he is the Corps contact for tickets, I cancelled 8 tickets from him just 2 days ago, but obviously you'll need to be quick, he's based at ADSC Pirbright and you can get hold of him via e-mail: artd-adscp-adso2@mod.uk
I am sure the OP has squared himself away by now, but if not or if any others are looking; 1 x ticket C/W Sapper wristband for sale £23.
This one still for sale!

If you live near Warminster, then for an extra £10 you can secure a seat on a coach, leaving at 0830 and returning at about 1830!

PM details to me ASAP
loads for sale of FB at the moment , go on the 'Royal Engineers/Sappers Ubique Say Anything' group, there are at least three adds for multiple tickets and wristbands
Right! Couldn't give this lot away to 'in house' muckers as everyone is squared away with arrangements... as you should be by this stage!
I have a single room booked at the 'Quinns Hotel' in Richmond for the Sat night, a ticket and Corps wristband and a no-show due to work abroad.
I am a non profit making organisation and will flog this deal to any serious punter at face value. I don't even know how much I'm paying myself yet but 'Trip Advisor' reckons it's £70 a night for the basic.(It's all been booked en-masse) Call it £90 for the lot and it's yours. Even if it costs over a ton for just the room, which wouldn't surprise me. I think I have to pay up front anyway.
Hilarious offers only please peeps and the deal will be done on the morning wherever life throws us together outside the ground. Cash only and what could be simpler? No risk involved as you will be fookin sat next to me!
I will just have to stump up for the single with a mate in the twin if no takers. I can live with that and I'm not splitting the 'package'.... absolutely not! Don't even ask! (mind you... £200 quid for just the wristband would tempt me!)
PM if interested. Don't if you're not!

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