Army V Navy May 7th. Who's going?

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The_Seagull, Mar 30, 2011.

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  1. Me for a start off. Have used the 1st of my lifetime passes for this from Mrs TSG and will be flying back to see the greatest victory since the Winchester flower arranging team beat Harrow by 12 sore bottoms to one.

    If I stay sober enough to see out the 1st half, that is.
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  2. From where?
  3. Canada. Coming back to catch up with the lads and get shit faced at the game.
  4. Good effort, although has to be said, once I get my PR status for Canada, I'm not leaving for anything less than a close family death!
  5. Which province are you planning on going to?

    I don't go back to taffland any more. If I zip in it's for a trip to see the boys and watch some rugby. There's nothing that would want to make me go back for anything else.

    Except pasties maybe.
  6. Depends on how much cash I can raise! If I can get enough to buy land and build to be mortgage free then I may look at Nova scotia area, if I'm going to need to work I'll have a look at Edmonton, apparently they recruit foreigners for the police even without an LE background
  7. A bit off topic I know but most police forces out here will hire permanent residents, only the RCMP require you to be a citizen. There's loads of ex brit bill oddies in my force who've never been in the OB before. PM me if you need any further info mate.
  8. I will be there again for my second visit with several mates of long standing, old and new. A really good day out, even if the rugby is a bit of a mystery. Tickets, sapper bar wristbands and dossing platz is all now in the bag. All the breast!
  9. I was heading back from Tasmania, cash saved, liver refreshed, Corps kilt ordered and paid for.

    And some ******* cuntflap civvy of a mate makes me best twat for his wedding and has arranged stag in ******* Spain


    Kilt is going to be wazzer though, wearing it to the ******* fake jock wedding instead
    Shop «

    there's an Engineers kilt on the bottom of that page
  10. First trip to the AvN, looking forward to it and Cav Mem the next day! Gonna be one hell of a hangover!!!
  11. You want to get a grip of him. How inconsiderate.
  12. To top it off its the second time he's made the mistake of getting hitched and the second time I've done the best man gig for him.....what awaste
  13. I will be there with my shiny arse brother. Can’t wait.
  14. Navy to win 22-16.

    That's just a prediction, it doesn't mean I am supporting them (which I am)
  15. I predict that you're going to die in very slow and painful manner you dull ****.