Army v's too quiet what's going on?

Ok Sh*tmas is over and New Year was a means to an's time to look forward to the annual liver bashing that is AvN.

Now usually by now there is a thread looking forward yet regaling last years feats of heroic drinking/debauchery and general malarky but alas all is quiet ......what's going on people? Is it because this year they have decided to hold it on a non Bank Holiday and the fact that Quins are playing Saracens across the road will cause inevitable mayhem?


Especially like to hear thoughts on the fact that Twickers and The Stoop will have huge crowds on the same day.
Prob quiet on arrse because I don't do the tickets anymore. Probably hectic for tania stephen in rhq who is in her 2nd year of doing it.
I think this year will be subdued due to it not being a Bank Holiday and excpect the local authority to crack down a little bit more on drinking in the pubs in town. Seems an absolutely stupid idea to switch from the bank holiday weekend and an equally stupid idea to switch to the same day as a Quins game.
Tania was pulling her hair out last year when i popped in for the tickets lol.

100% agree it is stupid to have it on the same day, yes the weekend before is 30th April and historically the match always takes place the 1st weekend in May but it just shows a distinct lack of thought. Especially for those who travel across from BFG and the Ships Company's who us the long weekend to enable the Navy guys to travel.

I hope the Quins/Saracens fans go along with the spirit of the day as much as we do.
I agree barking mad on the timing, and although I appreciate they didn't know it at the time, but if they had it the weekend before we could have roled the Royal wedding and the AvN match into one weekend and had real pissup....Wills could have started his honeymoon with a trip to Twickers.



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Due to SDSR the Army v Navy match has been cancelled as the army and navy have now been merged and are one team!!!


**** all's going on as the Forces can no longer afford the type of lunacy that exists in things like sport & inter-service rivalry.

After all, having stopped pay awards for the armed forces & civil service & cutting the allowances to both (without cutting the pay or allowances, tax-payer funded bars/restaraunts etc in the House of commons), how the hell anyone can justify spending non-existent dosh on Armed Forces Sport when we can't (supposedly) as a nation afford to maintain a decent level of Defence beats the hell out of me!

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