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Army v Navy Int Corp Tent

Thanks to everyone who was working in the Int Corp tent on Saturday. You did a sterling job in dire weather. The gazebo tents were a much better idea than that inflatable "whatnot" that we are used to. Though, it would have been fun to see if it stayed upright this year!

Cheers guys and girls it was fun.

Vans of booze bogged in, requiring the following conversation;

'D, you're ex-REME. We need you to help us get the van out at Twickers.'
'Sir, I wasn't a Recovery Mechanic.'
'You're more a Recovery Mechanic than the rest of us. Get changed.'

Anyone seen a TIRFOR?
There's one in the back of the G Wagen if it's still to CES

(TMA and I used to keep one in the boot of the Cavalier with the vinyl roof)

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