Army v Navy Game

Quick note to say that the ICRFU will play the APTC RFU in Aldershot on 6 May 05. The following day is the Army v Navy game at Twickenham and it is hoped that most of the players will make the trip up to London. Hope to see some of you in the usual haunts.
Details for Corps v APTC are not yet confirmed. Its proving difficult to get hold of anyone from the APTC in the know, too busy admiring themselves in their mirrors i suspect. As soon as i know more i will post the details.
The Corps v APTC Rugby match will take place on Fri 6 May 05, kick off 1400hrs in the stadium at ALDERSHOT. More details to follow. Please come along and support.


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Fellas good luck to the Corps XV V APTC, hope all goes well. Have a pint for absent friends at the Army - Navy. I'll be looking out for you all from afar.

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