Army v. Navy- Dress!

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Frangipano, Apr 15, 2006.

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  1. Many of you will probably have heard of the request for us to wear Blazer and tie at the Army/Navygame this year. I overheard an interesting conversation on Wednesday during CO's O Gp! with the CO brieifng his Sqn Comdrsand it is apparent that ARRSE'ers are getting the blame!

    The story goes that a gathering was called in the Cabbage Patch lastyear at opening time.The beer flowed in the sort of quantities that one would expect for healthy young soldiers letting off steam. however, the real problem was the inability of the WC's to cope with the demand. There were the usual facilities inside the CP with a set of portaloos outside in the garden. These were soon overflowing leaving the option 1. of queuing inside or 2. finding an alternative p*ssing place outside! A few chose option 2. it then became a few more until there were dozens of by now sh*tfaced males pissing in the street at the side of the CP! The problem was compounded further by the fact that hoards of revellers did not go to the match, thus giving the CP time out to regroup and prepare for the apres-match festivities!

    Meanwhile, out in the street, the local residents were becoming irritated (one could say p*ssed off) at the stream of people creating a steady flow of p*ss! Eventually, the police were invited to intervene and did so by closing the CP at about 2000hrs and clearing the area of all, including the innocent, not that there were many in that category!

    So, working on the principle that smartly dressed people behave themselves, a order has come down from on high to get as many of us as possible to dress in the traditional style for attending military sporting events; blazer and tie.

    Now, having pointed the finger firmly at ARRSE'ers, is there anyone out there able to admit or deny?

  2. There was a squaddie at last years army V navy match, so p*ssed before the match that he was slumped opposit the merchandise shop in a pool of his own urine and vomit, unable to stand and totally incoherent..What a surprise!! 8O

  3. Your point is ?

    You are the new Pentwyn :roll:
  4. This exactly the sort of behaviour the Chain of Command hope to prevent by getting us into smart casual dress, bearing in mind the number of civilians who attend the game and go away remembering that one d*ckhead and forget about the 1000's who have a good time and can remember leaving!

    Meanwhile, where were the RMP?? - probably scared of getting their nice H-vis jackets dirty!
  5. Why would it be an RMP task ? Twickenham isn't a Garrison, but they are there for Army-Navy. Surely the Met have primacy.

    Not pleasant for the residents, this p1ssing thing. Simple fact is that this area does not have the capacity for the expected numbers.

    Never as bad to drive through on normal match days, why is the Army-Navy match day different ?
  6. J_D

    J_D LE

    Like they can stop it! The only way to stop this type of drunken thing happening is to ban people from going, which of course would cause more trouble.

    You will always get the idiots who think they can 'drink' :roll: ever thought that it is these people who end up puking all night, passed out or causing fights :wink:
  7. Err, actually, yes.

    'They' can stop it.

    That is clearly what is being discussed right now you fooking retard :roll:
  8. Complete and utter b0llocks i'm afraid. Last year all bars in twickenham shut at 2000hrs due to there being work on the train line and the last rain run then. The council wanted to close the bars intime for everyone to get back to central london so that twickenham didnt have a mass amount of pissed squaddies trying to get back late at night with no trains running. I never saw a river of p1ss and I'm sure the police were more bothered about somebody popping smoke in the beer garden anyway.
  9. 'Traditional style' for sporting events means different things to different Corps. In the AAC this means surf shorts, loud shirt and a crate under one arm. Could present the wrong image !!!!
  10. 'Traditional style' for sporting events means different things to different Corps. In the AAC this means surf shorts, loud shirt and a crate under one arm. Could present the wrong image !!!!

    I seem to remember that htis was pretty much standard in your mess or even worse flying suits - night flying no time to change etc.

    On the subject in question, they can, I suppose turn people away at the turnstiles (plenty of RMP present at last years game) if they are incorrectly dressed, pubs also have the same right of refusal. Probably against European Human Rights Etc.

    Being "correctly" dressed did not stop me getting arrested and thrown in Chelsea nick in best Blazer and tie, all charges eventually dropped, mistaken identity, this is the problem when everyone is dressed the same!!

    I seem to remember that this was not good enough for the RMP who put me in Birdcage Walk Barracks for the rest of the night (drunk and disorderly) - very difficult to do drill (all night) with no belt, braces or shoe laces
  11. If I was made to dress a certain way I'd simply boycott the game as I'd hope many others would.
  12. Nice to see you again goose rider. Go on, admit it, you love me hence you following me around..Aaah bless.
    Tell me sweetie..have you any more completely irrelevant points? as i'm sure i and other arrse users would just love to hear them.
    Happy Easter :lol:
  13. I can assure you I have more important tasks to be cracking on with than reading your inane alcohol-blurred comments. I love the way you're trying to turn this around to make it look like I'm not welcome here and you're really popular, nice try you lunatic :lol:

    Yeah, mine are all completely irrelevant points ... especially to the residents of this area, the organisers of the match, RMP, The Met, Army Rugby, Navy Rugby, etc, etc ...

    Happy Easter, you civvy goat :lol:
  14. From your avatar you are obviously a footballing oik and have no comprehension of standards!
  15. Seems to me your stereotyping there.

    I think being forced to turn up in shirt and tie (corp tie, blue blazer, chinos and brown shoes :x ) would put off a lot of blokes (mainly juniors) from going. And, forgive me if I'm wrong, it was my understanding that the army navy game was all about gettin bevvied and acting the tít.

    P.s. I know all you seniors love gettin into your funtion kit but I, and hardly any other junior ranks at my Bn, don't even own a blue blazer.