Army v Navy Corps Tent

Discussion in 'RLC' started by postman_twit, May 4, 2008.

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  1. Have just about finished scrubbing the mini rugby ball imprints off my folicly challenged head. Such accuracy, obviously no undercover Gunners in the tent!

    Am thinking of going in fancy dress next year. It's a toss up between a blazer, chinos and chukka boots or tweed jacket, red cords and swede brogues. Any suggestions?

    By the way WTF? Shutting every pub in town? Way OTT IMHO.

    Postman Tw*t
  2. That mini rugby ball(s) flight paths were proper funny...with the state of the floor, it wasn't hard to tell who got hit :)

    That was my first, and not my last Army/Navy visit. Lovely to see some very old firends from over the years.
  3. did anyone else see ex corps members smoking there joints outside the corps tent, i informed a steward about this but he just shrugged his shoulders,
  4. got let down for tickets at the last moment but ,stayed in the cabbage patch seen loads of old mates awesome day
  5. Brilliant day very drunk and have to agree lots of old faces.
  6. when we gonna get some live music in there or something, like the other tents have
  7. Good to meet you mate and put a face to the name. Hope you got back ok, it all got a bit hazy after about 1800!
  8. For the twentieth time " I am not a steward"! I wasn't shrugging my shoulders either......I was pi55ing myself laughing cos the gear had just kicked in and you were talking to me out of your eyeholes man!

    Drug induced feckwittery aside....Cracking day which resulted in big hole in wallet, a very smelly arrse and a taxi driver wretching at the smell for 40 minutes (apparently). Good to see a GC winner there too.
  9. No apparently about it, you smelling fecker
  10. The Corps' tent was a real let down this yr, esp compared to last yr which was arguably the best AvN i've been to.

    One bar was not enough, last yr proved that 2 bars was the way ahead, also, the huge puddles were pretty shabby...

    As for the mini rugby balls, didn't find them particularly amusing myself, i wasn't hit by them, but 2 middle aged(ish) ladies near me were...not very funny really....
  11. Aye, ditto mucker. Hanx for the wristband :) Let me know which Fingers gig ye want to go to.

  12. Don't lie, I got you twice when you were at the bar... and you didn't buy me a beer for some strange reason!!!
    (I will admit it was only a gentle lob though, so you probably didn't need physio afterwards!!!)
  13. Well I had an amazing day out! Took my gf and it was her first time experiencing a "military day out" she loved it so to all for making it such a great atmosphere thank you! I am an ex member, so sorry for that however there was no smoking!! How do I for next year get a beer tent band? Didn't occur to me to get one this year! Oh and does anybody know what happened to the streaker? My heart was filled with pride as hours later on the other end of the Central Line I could still see red rugby shirts!! Brilliant! Might stop now before I statrt singing or something
  14. Yeah we all saw her loving it in the mens bogs!
  15. Great day out. Loved it again this year.
    Top tips for next year-
    1) Get drunk in Clapham before match- decent pubs, no huge queues for beer, on rail mainline.
    2) Stay out of corps tent, full of knobs you didn't really like if you are honest with yourself.
    3) Go with a good bunch of lads, ten plus if you can.
    4) Get carry out from Sommerfields, why queue for 20 minutes in cabbage patch getting beer spilt on your new red cords and tweed.
    5) If you insist on getting a wristband, speak to someone that had a wristband this year and they have the details. The ladies name that admins the tickets is Fran Pollendine and she works in 25 Regt. Once you are on the mailing list they send you out details each year about how to get the wristbands etc.