Army v Navy & Corps Bar

Does anybody know where I can still get hold of tickets for the corps bar @ Twickers?

I have a ticket to the game, but require 4 tickets to the bar afterwards prior to moving back to the cabbage patch.

Can anyone help??
Have a look in the wire or soldier magazine for details. If not try ringing Nige Roberts if he is still a SSM at 21 Sigs they will be able to help as that is where the cheques are being sent to.

Regards M
i might have 2 tickets to the game and 2 tickets to corps bar availible

family situation may stop me from going....aaaahhhh will let you know soonest

watch this space
Can get match tickets no probs, you can even buy them outside the ground on the day but Corps bar tickets are like rocking horse S%*t. Good luck with your quest fella, if you get any extra get the little buggers on ebay. you will make a mint.
Now now Kopfkaser, thats not sprit de Corp, anyone reading this might think you are ten grand down, not up. By the way you might find a new chest rig or wig on e-bay. cher mone mother f****r
Black-Death, read the rules clown boy. No hinting at who people are, where they are or what they are doing. Any more of that and I will have to report you for being a Pen 15. You are lucky enough to know my true identity, keep it where i like to keep your Mrs, (Close to my chest).
Last i heard Nige Roberts was at Blandford, he left 21 about 18 months ago-ish
Would it not make sense for the Corps to set up a marquee or two in the grounds of twickers, where all of the Cops members will be able to enjoy a friendly social surrounded by fellow corps members?

Come on, is hiring a rather small function room and selling few tickets a better option? IT seems to me that somebody has done their estimate on the Corps bar at twickers, picked course of action number one straight away with COA 2 & 3 being an afterthought and discounted straight away.

Oh and while I am at it, do we think that it might be an idea to advertise the selling of corps bar tickets to the WHOLE CORPS a few more months in advance rather than leave it to advertising them in the latest copy of the wire. Maybe a CC1 to all units and unit allocation might be an idea (as they have done with the Corps dinner). One cant help but suspect an element of clickyness creeping in resulting in a large social number of the Corps being left out. THe RLC, RA and other corps have got it just right - providing a large enough drinking arena for a large amount of their corps to attend a social.

I'm not bitter - I'm off to the cabbage patch!!
11D, the corps bar is a marquee this year. Sadly the days of hiring our own tents are well and truely over. All units have to have a bar provided by Twickenham. The bar which you get is totally dependent on the amount of people/bar sales. Thus last year we were moved to a much bigger bar. Sadly this year that particular end of Twickenham is being renovated thus we are in a marquee.

There is no estimate involved. Each unit sends a rep to Twickers and a bun fight ensues to ensure that those that can fill bars get the biggest ones. Believe it or not the whole Army v Navy bar thing is:

a. A nause to organise ... Big style

b. Done fairly across the Army and Navy by Twickenham.

c. If you would like to volunteer for the guardroom for organising the event next year send me a PM and i'll put you in touch with the guy that did it this year.

As for cliqueness I know of Corps rugby players that haven't got tickets for the bar! Its not down to who you know its down to responding to the CC1 signal that was sent out months ago in a timely fashion. If you leave it to the last minute then unfortunately you are unlikely to get tickets.

In other words stop bleating about what you perceive as other peoples failings and sort out your own personal admin.

BTW as I understand it, reliance on your unit to provide (ie message on orders saying we will order them for you) can be fatal. Often units get their bids in way to late. I have to say that due to my own lack of personal admin I am witout a bar ticket too. Anyone out there got spare ones?
Bowman is right nearly always. We used to have a big tent we put up ourselves but we only ever got about 200 there. Twickenham made us use their bars since 95 and we have got bigger and bigger. Last year the Rose Bar was the biggest in the building with the RLC outside in a marquee. Sadly we will have to go in a marquee this year as they rebuild the stand with the Rose bar in it. ( this is better than going back to the debenture bar)

Keep supporting the day as we get a big shout on bars if we put money over the counter. You should note that Twickenham sell more beer at the Army v Navy than any other match at Twickenham. The Cabbage Patch says the same. Hurray for us beer swilling drunkards !!! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

The trick is PPPPPPP!!! aint it always
as posted earlier i have now receieved my 2 match and 2 corp bar tickets but am now unable to go

up for grabs to the highest bidder or make me a sensible offer

not long to go now so please hurry i am currently in blandford on a cse send reply on here or let iron troop know that you are interested in rugby tickets ext 2660 and leave contact number

once again due to short time span sensible offers only
Disillusionedjimmy said:
up for grabs to the highest bidder or make me a sensible offer

I really hope you are not asking for more than the face value of the bar tickets, because if you are you deserve to never get anymore ever again.

we all dislike touts.
your quite right, it would be bad of me to sell them on for a profit, and i have not, got back what i paid and now someone else can enjoy what im missing.

thanks for the reality check.
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