ARMY v NAVY Challenge Coin

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Hellmans, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Gundulph and I have taken the plunge and designed an ARMY v NAVY challenge coin. We are covering all the costs of the dies and initial batches. There will be four options:-

    Two different reverses and two finishes, antique Gold or Antique Silver , both on black enamel.

    Initially we will donate £1 per coin to Holidays4Heroes until our outlay is recouped, we will then reassess the donation capacity on the coins dependant on volume produced/sold.

    You can PRE Order the first batch now here: Online Shop

    We are seeking ARRSErs help in two ways,

    1. Buying the coins, obviously

    2. Spreading the word amongst the various Units / Rugby reps / contingents who attend. we can do a bulk deal for units if required.

    Given the amount of people who go, we have the potential to raise a good deal of cash for Hamster boy to blow on a piss up, or take some crips to Spain.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this, your assistance is greatly appreciated.

    G & MM

  2. Top idea, and good design (love the bit about the clever disguesed bit). Only one thing. Could the rifle be replaced with the crossed swords of th army?
  3. i have a question
  4. not sure what stage Gundulph is at with the dies, he will discuss the design
  5. ??? telepathic one is it?
  6. It's probably "Can I pay for it in frogs?".

    Go on then, put me down for 2.
  7. The shop page is up and running, we're not reserving them, just buy online

    and stop bidding on my pen biatch!
  8. The pen is not for me, it will be ANOTHER Christmas present for the lad. He wants a remote control Chinook though, so he can buzz the dog. Evil bastard.
  9. Sluggy

    Send the Challenge coin info around Armynet like the Amarillo video and we'll give you a coin for free!
  10. I'm still off school, don't you read my FB?
  11. No! I haven't reached suicidal thoughts yet
  12. I bet you still touch yourself though.........

    Ok, ok, getting my purse now.
  13. are the coins going to be made from the hulls of challys and oak ?
  14. hand forged from the bronze of captured Field Guns, taken skillfully from the FAA while they were doing their hair
  15. All ordered and paid for. (Will you do me a secret number again?).