Army v Navy Challenge Coin ('almost' as good as the ARRSE Challenge Coin!)


It's getting close to that time of the year again. A special Army v Navy Challenge Coin has been designed and produced on the ask of a few ARRSErs, very 'Special' consideration and Thought has gone into the Quotations used on the coins - Two separate Quotes are available on two separate Coin Finishes.

Don't be caught at Twickers without one ;) UK Challenge Coins-Welcome Page

For the Matlo's & Booties out there UKChallengeCoins are putting together a 'Spoof' promotion i.e. if 3 coins are purchased they will come with discount.

Online Shop

UK Challenge Coins-Welcome Page


Personally, I am really jealous because whilst everyone is getting lashed at the AvN, I'll be at my mates stupid stag night in Windsor, but each to their own.
Fixed that for you Smudge ;-)
Special Offer for the Army v Navy game, a Spoof Set (I.e. 3 Coins!) at a special price up to the start of the match. Predominantly a Game played by our Maritime & Bootie friends over in Rum Ration, for those not in the know you can read up about the game of Spoof here:

Go here:

Online Shop

And scroll to the bottom of the Shop Page for the Spoof Set details.
I've got mine. Shame I'm not going though.......................
Just ordered mine. Hope it can get out to me in Alberta in time.
Mine came in the post last week, should have replied earlier but I've been busy trying to sort the house out after it tried to burn itself to the ground, like the coin a lot, will order another when I'm eventually sorted.
Mine arrived at my oppos place this week. Thanks to you and mittmayo for switching the delivery address.
Several hundred still up for grabs... and to receive in time for the Army v Navy Game...
go on then you smooth talking bar-steward, i will be the AvN virgin no more after this year. :)

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