army v navy 2019

Jesus what a nightmare. Multiple website crashes, an inability to checkout, and ended up with a seat in the gods after 90 minutes of trying.


After the way that they have curtailed the day killing off Kneller Hall I'm no longer going!
Rugby at Twickers has got so popular that I have given up.
Back in the day I used to go to a few matches, I remember the varsity game when just a few thousand used to attend likewise the army navy.
But nowadays its just impossible to get tickets without shelling out some serious dough. I remember looking for England the all blacks a few weeks ago and the cheapest package I could find was around £800 a pop.
same for the cricket at Lords. Around about £100 quid for an unobtainable standard ticket, my brother was lucky enough to be given some hospitality tickets from a very rich acquaintance of his a couple of times, and thought that he would stretch to buying four, for some friends.
He was quoted £1200 pounds and thought that's a bit steep but I can stretch to it.
Then the penny dropped that the price was per person.

F*ck that.

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