Army v Navy 2013


Can anyone point me to the person regarding access to the AGC area for the game?

he's over there ------>
IF you contact the ARU Shop they have contact details for the people who get tickets for various bars. They did for the Cav tent a few years back anyway
I'd rather cut my own head off with a rusty spoon than go to the AGC bar again.

"So, what do you think about JPA?"

**** that.

Get in the Sappers tent.
Bone question, I know, but its been a while. Seeing as the RMP come under the umbrella of the AGC is that the bar for them also?
ARU were very helpful and so I think I've secured a ticket. I hoped they don't just talk shop in the bar ......
They end up taking over the bloke's toilets anyway!

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