Army v Navy 2013. Who's going?

Taking the family again and it's my birthday and last time in the mob. Special request for Zorro or Pink Pant Geezer to reappear

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Starting off at Kneller Hall for the Vets game and reunion, across to the Duke of Cambridge, then round to the Stadium around half 2. After, not a clue, depends on how wankered I am :)
Will be there with my perce sister, yet to decide which side we're sitting in, not too fussed as long as I can find the bar with the dancing lasses afterwards mind ;)

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Tickets arrived, hotel and train tickets booked.

Just got to decide what the days drinks will be...

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I must be getting older. Not sure I want to go. Yep the day is a big part of it but so is the rugby and that has been a bit unsatisfying of late especially when you go with non millitary types where drinking is not the be all and end all.
Im going and taking my kids, plus a family friend, so play nicely :)
Did have a bugger with parking but found a website called parkatmyplace, which sorted me out for 17 squid.
Sod driving, part of the fun is the train ride from Waterloo.

Going with a couple of old school mates and their t'other halfs this year so it should be an education for them.

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Tickets arrived this AM, mini bus is booked and army shirt dug out of the wardrobe. Wife is off to her step mums (father coming with..). Just need the beer for the journey down and am sorted! Turks Head for beers before, not as crowded as Twickenham bars.
Will be at Kneller Hall. No tickets for game, I've learned over the years that once I get started on the drinking I tend to forget about the game. I have wasted so much money on tickets that I just use it for drinking now.
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