Army v Navy 2013 27th April.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Bally66, Mar 29, 2013.

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  1. I have a spare ticket for the West (Middle) Stand complete with West Village Wristband for sale for £25 ( face value ) purchased from Royal Signals Rugby.
    I live in Dorset and so if you are close by and looking for a ticket I am your man.
    Train ticket also available from Weymouth to Twickenham return for £35 if required (face value again ).
    You know what it's like, I ordered 10 and there is always 1 that drops out.

    Please p.m. me.
  2. Your a hoop merchant Bally! Lol x
  3. Ticket wristband and Railway ticket have been sold now
  4. I know it's an old post but if anyone has a wristband and ticket for sale let me know !
  5. I have now got another spare ticket and wristband as our group of 10 is down to 8 ! If anyone is still looking for one + wristband at £25 (face value again! ) please contact me.
  6. What a great day yesterday, as usual.

    Good to run into old friends. I hear we won as well ;)
  7. Anybody got the score?

  8. is that George Michaels latest song?
  9. No, Just very limited bandwith.

    Straight question, Anyone got the final score please.
  10. 43-26 - army win.
  11. Navy won the first 20 mins (19-0), then the Army got going scoring 43 points and right at the end allowed Navy a consolation final try.
  12. Very true. The Navy completely outplayed the Army in the first quarter, then they got into their stride.
    Some good play, and good banter with the Matelots!!

    Great weekend on our yearly catch up with old buddies.
  13. Thanks guys, Really pissed I missed it, But work calls, hey ho.