Army v Navy 2011

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by sparky8, Oct 25, 2010.

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  1. Apparently there is still to be a meeting about the event with all key stakeholders and the Police but at the moment, the annual pilgramage to HQ isn't on the Bank Holiday weekend and also clashes with a Harlequins V Saracens game at the Stoop.

    Seems bonkers to me, why change the day of the game when the crowds have been getting bigger year on year & couple in the fact that the long weekend allows those in BF(G) to get over & back easier too.....
  2. It's on the 7th May which is the date they'd always said it was for next year.


    Army Navy Match
  3. It better be that weekend. I've booked the time off, a hotel room, some ukranian hookers, and a flight.
  4. Yep, its on the 7th & I realise that that has been published all along. Assumption being all that it is I was just pointing out that its not the BH weekend. Also, that travel is going to be chaotic with the Quins game over the road. No Rosebine parking, train station rammed with about another 10K of punters (granted that would only be like a normal international day but then we all know that AvN is ever so different!). Am guessing that the pubs will be even stricter on entry and more likely to close to get people to naff off!
  5. Regulars to the stoop will know the access across the fields, so it won't make too much difference on roads for pedestrians.

    The trains will be busier though, and the pubs :(
  6. Waitrose better start stocking up then!
  7. I hope so because I am coming home from Saudi Arabia!
  8. Do you look like your avatar then?!
  9. I look more like me than than that Red Shite twat Blacky !!!!
  10. So, even more reason for the fun police to clamp down on everthing do to 'public safety' concerns. Are Internationals policed/stewarded to the same degree?
  11. I assume the entire area will be full of drunken military types?
  12. Yup.........
  13. p_t Army Navy is a different beast to International days. Assuming both are 3pm KOs then most Internationals see people turning up in the area around mid day at the earliest and having a coupl nearby before going into the grounds to drink. AvN sees Squaddies and Matelots banging on hostelry doors as soon as possible and getting lashed. If they see the game at all its generally through very drunken eyes. There are seldom arrests on either day but we do seem to be less inhibited when it comes to peeing in public spaces and streaking during the match. Also most punters start to fritter away after the match when England are playing as opposed to carrying on the motion with AvN
  14. I appreciate all of the above but I take exception to been treated like a 5 year old schoolboy on the annual school trip! '

    Hold hands now children and keep away from the edge of the pavement'
  15. That doesn't normally happen, and the road is almost perdestrianised, bar for the roundabout. The local PCSOs, and Old Bill are usually pretty good. I've never seen any grief with the Police