ARMY v NAVY 2010 Sapper Bar

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Hellmans, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Tickets available now, not many left!

    Got mine :p
  2. Got the golden email toooooooo :boogie:
  3. Is it that sh*tty stadium bar again, or have we got the tent of awesomeness back this year?
  4. Think its the Stadium bar mate due to the fact is the only place to fit us all in
  5. That's a shame, it's not a patch (see what I did there) on the tent
  6. Last year there were literally thousands of sappers at the Army v Navy. I think they need to start to think about who gets tickets and wristbands. The word is at Waterbeach despite there being 2 regiments, Wks Gp Airfields HQ and HQ 12 Group there are only 250 tickets. Bear this in mind when The Cannon gets 20! Kinda takes the p155 doesn't it?
  7. There are 3000 tickets allocated to serving Sappers and 2000 to ex Sappers. I think the serving Sappers have far more of a chance of getting one, proportionally.
  8. I'm just waiting for my six tickets and wristbands to arrive. :D
  9. Got mine. As I understand it last year when we were all put in the south stand the RSM passed it on that we were to sing the corps song. My arse... I think I was the only one giving it some. Maybe this year we can get the Mexican wave right.
  10. I have my 6 tickets and wristbands. Oh yeh, a fun day out for us all. :D
  11. I have a handful of ARRSE lapel badges left if anyone wants one for the Army NavyClick on the Shop Page

    Just waiting for my tickets and wristbands, mind you I did leave it until the VERY last minute 8O
  12. Whilst not a sapper, I'll be going again as last year was good fun (had a family ticket so no beer :( ).

    Want to start a pool as to how many streakers?
  13. Got my 2 - I wonder if the bar will be f ucking closed for pretty much most of the afternoon again this year, takes the pee that you end up queueing at the other stadium bars, because the one you paid to get into is f ucking shut.

    there, that's my whinge out of the way.
  14. :D Got my two :eek:
  15. The is more than a good chance that I will have a ticket and wrist band spare, PM me for details if you want them.