Army v Navy 2007


The Army Navy Bar this year is being run by the BSM 34 Bty, please login to the Gunner Rugby Website to find out more about tickets etc.

Dont forget, first come first served, we might have only 800 bar tickets this year so dont wait around booking them
I don't know why you're even bothering.

Navy are going to win this year! :D


you could be right, the Army Director of Rugby has stood down and a new man is in the seat, just like England so maybe we could be in for a shock, who knows.

Would like to see the Army win by a better margin than last year, the game was not that entertaining.....
look lads, 8O
you mean there was a rugby match i remember being at a green place, grass, crowds, seats an all. Focusing on a rugby match I dont recall that!!!!!!!! scooby doo being arrested??:omg: now i remember that, kids were devastated when i told them sunday morning still upset..
Tickets inbound with wristband...... :lol:

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