Well this years annual get together is happening on 7th May 05. For those that havent been before it really is a great p*ss up and a good chance to see loads of old faces....yes literally old faces :lol:
The AAC have been allocated the Debentures bar again this year..but we will only be sharing it with the PT Corps..not the RAC as last year, so there should be more room!
Those of you currently serving can get your tickets through the nominated (by the RSM) representatives..those of you that have banged out can PM me and I will sort you out tickets and swingers/ bar passes.
Match tickets cost £18 and the bar passes £2. One last note..we cannot sell bar passes on their own due to ticketting restrictions. This year Twickenham Experience have cracked down on forged the new ones will be rubber (ooooh errr) with a bar code on (hence the price of £2). Also all you Corps mess members out there you get the tickets and swingers for £10.
So if you have any questions please PM me ASAP and i should be able to answer any questions.
See you there!!! :lol: :lol:

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