Army v Civi televised hillclimbs in the 50s

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Barry_Buttplug, Mar 22, 2011.

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  1. As a kid in the late 50s and early 60s, i seem to remember an annual Army v Civilian hillclimb. Black and white, saturday afternoon, and thrilling for a young kid.

    Anyone remember it, or have any details?

    Or is my aging memory failing....?
  2. No, you are not going doolally Mr Buttplug , Iwas a kid growing up in the 60's as well and it used to be on Grandstand on a sat afternoon with Frank Bough . I seem to remember various army vehicles such as the Stally and the Austin champ also an RL Bedford splashing about in the mud and sh1t . Only reason I watched Grandstand apart from the footy results at 5 pm.
  3. I remember this too. I always thought a Army had an advantage until that little (I think) Austrian truck appeared.
  4. The Halflinger ? (spelling).
    Didn't Raymond Baxter commentate on the Christmas Special ?
    Fascinating for a young army barmy lad.

  5. I think I have finally found my rightful place on ARRSE - over the years whenever I have mentioned this people have looked at me as though I was mad! Many an afternoon I watched this whilst waiting to write down the football results so Dad could check the pools coupon!
  6. Does anyone remember the motor cycle hill climb - I think Eurosport ran it but it might have been RTL - which was held on a hill in Austria that went up exponentially to near vertical?