Army V chavs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bossyboots, Nov 5, 2006.

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    I'm sure some of the older hands will be able to sort them out and set them on the right path. :)
  2. No no no, it would be giving demonstrative good advice :lol:
  3. Might be worth giving the forces back there Crown imunity..... Then they could put the chavs teeth in open order, when they gob it and not worry about it!
  4. It seems the military is on the verge of an identity problem that is being caused in part by the recruitment of young men and women from today’s burgeoning 'chav' culture.
    I found this article in The Guardian about young Yorkshire soldiers selling weapons illegally smuggled out of Iraq for drugs.,,1880095,00.html

    Not only are they contributing to a vast and evil subculture that uses fear and intimidation to ensnare its victims they are betraying other soldiers who are being killed in Afghanistan whilst fighting the Taliban in an attempt to curb the supply of heroin to the west.
    More and more stories like this are coming out of Iraq, stories of human rights abuses committed by British soldiers who are dumb enough to photograph the event and take their happy snaps to Boots for development to stories of the sale of illegal weapons being sold to unscrupulous drug dealers and gangsters. I have no doubt the army are doing a fairly hard job for pretty low wages and feel their respect within the country is being eroded by stories such as these.
  5. Fcuk off you trolling cnut.

  6. My bold in your post should actually read something like: …about an investigation into whether young Yorkshire soldiers … The article is purely speculative, but why let that spoil a chance at a bit of sh1t-stirring, eh?
    You seem to know a lot more about the objective of the mission than anybody else, how come that? However, you obviously know fück-all about the drugs trade and culture.
    If “more and more stories like this are coming out of Iraq”, how come we don’t get to hear about them? Is there something we’re not being told?

    I think ARRSErs have proved often enough in the past that they’re well able to differentiate between right and wrong, between moral and immoral acts. They’re also very good at detecting people with obvious agendas.

  7. The idea that chav culture is anything new to British society still amazes me. It's been there in varying forms through the centuries. It's just a new incarnation e.g. Wellington's 'scum of the earth'.
  8. Yeah but those tall furry baseball caps looked sh*t and the mounted band didn't play much in the way of 'thumpin choons'.
  9. Tw@t go find somewhere else to peddle shite like this!
  10. Logical_log. I aint being funny here, but you seem hell bent on upsetting folk on this site, is there a reason for that?
    I dont think you really understand / appreciate what our armed forces are about.
    We're all aware that every now and again an unpleasant story may emerge involving the forces.....but for every unpleasant one, theres a dozen pleasant ones.
    Are you a chav perchance? is that why you have the view that you have, because you lack knowledge and education?
    Perhaps you should pay more attention in class and then come back at a later date with an informed opinion. That is, information NOT given by the Sun newspaper and so forth.
    Try your local library, they have a wealth of history books.
  11. He was gang raped by some Gurkhas.
  12. lol i hate chavs to be honest
  13. I think logical_log is looking for someone to re-arrange his face.
  14. i second that!