Army Units named to go to Gulf



The telegraph has published following list of Army Units to go to Gulf:

1 (UK) Armoured Division (HQ & Sig Regt plus Div Log, Med, RMP, etc.)

7 Armd Bde :

RSDG (46 CH2)
2RTR (46 CH2)
QRL (-) (28 CH2)
1BW (46 Warrrior)
1 RRF (46 Warrior)
1 IG (-) (28 Warrior)
1 LI (-) (28 Warrior)
3 RHA (32 AS90)
32 Armd RE

16 Air Assault Bde (6,000):

7RHA (18 105mm)
23 RE
HCR Sqn (22 CVR(T) )
3 Regt. AAC

3 Commando Bde (4,000):

40 Commando
42 Commando
29 (Commando) RA
59 (Commando) RE
Commando Log Regt.

Quite a list, if anybody has been missed apologies, add to the list.
Neil, can you add the URL point of reference?

That's a very detailed list, which I'm sure hasn't escaped the notice of Iraqi intelligence  :mad:


Don't think the Iraqis care about our contribution-all they need to know is that Uncle Sam has sent 'kin lots of nasty hardward and loads of soldiers (who all seem to be called Ephrain J Zwiebelsucker or something equally daft)


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I presume the D Tel got it from the MoD Press Release, which contains more details.  Units missed - all of 102 Log Bde, which is itself a good half-dozen major Units, as well as the units in 1 Armd Div - another nine major units!  

Comes to around 30 Bn sized groups or their equivalents.  Not bad, considering 4Bde is still in Germany, 95% of TA not yet involved, and we can still cover FRESCO in the part-time (pretty much like they do normally, then)
Time for TA troops to get some Fire training perhaps?


We don't want to pat ourselves on the back just yet for "overstretching the overstretch".  If HMG/MOD see that we can just about cope with War/Firefighting and all the other drivvle then this will probably open the flood gates for Options for change part 2.

Look what happened last time:

"Oh I see we've just mobilised 75% of the Army on Desert Storm, let's wait for them to get back, settle down, then lets sack half of them"


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Q.  What's obviously missing (apart from 4Bde)?

A.  Any MLRS (Arty Bde), any real AA(AA Bde) or much Engr Sp.

Conclusion = not much serious figting is envisaged ;)
I think you'll find most the MLRS, AA and Engr units other than the close support units are part of the 'Div Troops' mentioned by OldSnowy. They are also going.... wish to make any comments on 'not much serious figting is envisaged ' now??  ::)


Serious Fighting!!!

He has to fold. I just can't see SH being that stupid.
Well the options are:-

a) He folds and it's all over before you know it.

b) He and his deluded cronies fight like cornerd rats.

Now we all hope that it's option a). But before everyone gets all smug you have to remember that to win this you have to win the will of the people. You can't successfully occupy a country without that.

Secondly there an awful lot of special/secret police, milita and Republican Guard in Iraq that have spent the last 40 years opressing, killing, torturing and generally p1ssing off anyone who doesn't fit.

Now if I had been doing that, even if Saddam buggers off in exile, I'd know as sure as a NAAFI tart, that as soon as I stop fighting I'm going to be swinging from the nearest lampost. Where the hell is there to run?

Now wouldn't that be insentive to fight to the end?
No he could never be that stupid surely.....

The Iran-Iraq War permanently altered the course of Iraqi history. It strained Iraqi political and social life, and led to severe economic dislocations. Viewed from a historical perspective, the outbreak of hostilities in 1980 was, in part, just another phase of the ancient Persian-Arab conflict that had been fueled by twentieth-century border disputes. Many observers, however, believe that Saddam Hussein's decision to invade Iran was a personal miscalculation based on ambition and a sense of vulnerability. Saddam Hussein, despite having made significant strides in forging an Iraqi nation-state, feared that Iran's new revolutionary leadership would threaten Iraq's delicate SunniShia balance and would exploit Iraq's geostrategic vulnerabilities--Iraq's minimal access to the Persian Gulf, for example.

Throughout 1983 both sides demonstrated their ability to absorb and to inflict severe losses. Iraq, in particular, proved adroit at constructing defensive strong points and flooding lowland areas to stymie the Iranian thrusts, hampering the advance of mechanized units. Both sides also experienced difficulties in effectively utilizing their armor. Rather than maneuver their armor, they tended to dig in tanks and use them as artillery pieces. Furthermore, both sides failed to master tank gunsights and fire controls, making themselves vulnerable to antitank weapons.

Sobering reading, especially about Iraqi military doctrine and determination. The casualy lists are just incredible.


Have 16 AA Bde elbowed their way in ?????
Another HAT who cannot face the truth that basic line regiments cannot go to war, maybe 10 rotations later when they can still get the big massive op t shirts you sad gits like to wear!!!  Never mind Lads peace time Bn are good !
Speak to anyone who was in Kosovo right at the start, especially 4 Bde, and you will hear how hopeless 5 AB were, if it wasn't for 4 Bde pulling their chestnuts out of the fire (especially for logistics) they wouldn't have gone anywhere.

They also distiguished themselves with a variety of "well disciplined" incidents in central Pristina.....nuf said

I doubt the bloodclots, whose role is to guard Apache Fuel Bladders, will have changed much even if the Brigade has changed its name!!!!
So Howards' convinced by Bali is he?


Howard is, however the Sydney Morning Herald ran a poll, the upshot is that only 3% of Australians support action without UN backing.
I think it could be an interesting time ahead for Mr Howard :-/


Another HAT who cannot face the truth that basic line regiments cannot go to war, maybe 10 rotations later when they can still get the big massive op t shirts you sad gits like to wear!!!  Never mind Lads peace time Bn are good !

Another quality reply from our Airborne brothers, typical sad remark.

Kurgan, the only Airborne I saw in GW1 was 23 PFA and the Pegesus Band and 80% of them were Hats! A QA has more medals than your Home Guard!

I'd rather have a Line Regt doing the business than an Airborne loose cannon, waiting to arrse everything up.
;DQman, you're at it again, you definitely don't like ABF do you? Get over it pal, that chip on your coke bottle shoulders will make you go grey and raise your blood pressure if your not too careful ;) All that pent up frustration would surely be better spent getting yourself fit enough to have a go at "P"Coy, on second thoughts you're probably past it or is it that you have already failed it once and now have a gripe ;D ;D

Keep it coming Pal, won't change the Battle Order ;)

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