Army undergraduate Bursary

Hi all,

I'm currently at college and hopefully heading to university after my second year.
I went to visit the AFCO a few months ago and enquired about the undergradutae bursary. I was told that i was not eligiable for it because i had not recieved a sixth form scholership or went to Welbeck. However on the Army's website it does not say anything about this. Any help?


Yup, that's bullshit. If you pass AOSB and have a confirmed place (or are already) at university, you can apply for an undergraduate bursary.

The Army Undergraduate Bursary scheme is for officer entry. Is that your intention or not?

If it is then you will only be entitled to a bursary if you have finished AOSB.

In my experience the AFCO will not know the details of the Bursary Scheme, especially if they think from the fact that you have applied a s soldier that it is does not apply to you. Ask them about joining as an officer and you may get more traction.

Edited to add, I got distracted by a phone call before submitting my last message, hence duplicating.... sorry.
Thanks for clearing that up cpunk.

Barbs: I do intend of joining as an officer. Do you have any incline to when I should be appyling for this bursary? Can I only apply once I have been accepted to university? I'm currently coming to the end of my first year at college and by October I have to submit my application forms to universities.

The real hurdle is passing AOSB not the university bit. If you are or about to go to university and have passed AOSB, then you are eligible to apply.
Do you know which university you are going to? if so then ring up the local OTC and ask them for contact details for the University Liaison Officer - there is usually a retired colonel who wanders round universities getting undergrads through the AOSB system and he is the man who knows. If you get a bursary you will have to join the OTC anyway - so always make a good impression.
If I do go to university my first option is Nottimgham Trent. And I was plannig on joining the OTC anyway. I think the nearest one to Nottingham is East Midlands. Correct me if I'm wrong. The bursary would just be an added bonus really.

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