Army Undergraduate Bursary


Got my letter through the post today saying I've been offered one which is all very good however I have a couple of questions. I've already searched and come up with nothing and I intend to phone RMAS tomorrow to find out but figured someone may know in the meantime.

It says I must graduate with a 2.2 - I'm in third year of a four year MA (Hons) and really just want to crack on and join up so had planned to leave with an MA Ord after this year. Will this render me unable to take the bursary?

Also says I must join my nearest UOTC - I'm currently a Subbie in a Group A Inf unit - Will this be okay or am I going to have to transfer or be attached to a UOTC?

£1000 is payable for each year of study - Can this be back-dated? It states nothing about from the point of application or the fact it cannot.

Any info would be appreciated.
Well, what was the info? Someone else might want to know and your uni mates might want more beers now you have 3 years of £1000 in your sky rocket.

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