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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by mcflurry, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm in my final year of Sixth Form and hopefully off to university in October. I'm thinking of joining up as an Officer after uni, and I intend to join the UOTC while I'm down there. When I was on the Army site, I saw a piece about the Undergraduate Bursary. I know what it is, but not how to apply for it. Do I go through the UOTC, or do I apply to the Army now?

    I've already tried going to the AFCO and the Army's Online Careers Office; the Online office told me to go to the AFCO, who had already given me a Further Education Bursary brochure instead of a Higher one.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Try this link:

    The Army Undergraduate Bursary
  3. I've read that before, but thanks anyway. Is it saying I need to do the conventional application route, as if I was joining up straight away?
  4. I may be a few years out of date here, however: application for a bursary (I assume they still exist) should be done through you recruiter, either the schools recruiting officer (if they still exist) or at tue AFCO. In theory you should be able to apply for one before you go to university, but they are awarded on the basis of success at AOSB, meaning to get one you need to pass it. Certainly a proportion of bursaries used to be given to students in they second or third years of study.

    My advice would be to ask to be put forward for one by your recruiting officer. Just be aware that passing AOSB at 18 is quite a tall order on it's own. Added to that, in these austere times, there is naturally a lot of competition for this sort of thing. But if you definitely want to join and have the ability, go for it; it is free money!
  5. I've heard a fair bit about an Army Careers Advisor, but nothing on a schools recruiting officer. How old do most people pass the AOSB at?
  6. The schools recruiting officers used to visit schools specifically to recruit officers. This was many years ago, when I was at school. I'm afraid that I have no idea if these posts still exist.

    As to what age people pass AOSB, this rather depends on whether they are joining as non-graduates straight out of school or as graduates after university or even later. Given that at the moment the vast majority of OCdts are graduates, this means that the top of the bell curve (in terms of age of successful AOSB candidates) probably falls about 21.

    There are plenty of threads discussing the relative merits of joining as a graduate versus joining as a non-grad, so I would have a look through them if that appeals.

    The bottom line is that although a 21 year old is more mature than an 18 year old, it is still possible to pass the AOSB at 18. The fact that you are applying for a bursery and are therefore going to be three years older when you actually go to Sandhurst will also be taken into account.
  7. We had one visit from the RAF, Navy and Army in Year 10/Year 9 or so. I still have the keyring to hold my key on. We did a mini planex and then had a talk about what life in the Forces was like, but it didn't feel very recruiting-oriented.

    So essentially I'd need to fill out a conventional application and pass the AOSB, before applying for a bursary and going to RMAS after my degree?
  8. Broadly speaking that's correct but you should tell them from day one that you want to apply for a bursary as this will influence the point at which you are sent to AOSB and you will probably have a few more hoops to jump through.

    My advice is go to an AFCO and tell them that you want to join the army as an officer after universally and want to apply for a university bursary.

  9. ACA's still exist, but they don't/can't get to all schools in the area that they cover.

    The OP should either go to his local AFCO or find out who his local ACA is and give him a ring, simples. The AOSB procedure is exactly the same as any other AOSB applicant (barring the 6th form scholarship which, his being in in his final year at school, he is ineligible to apply for) but when you fill out the Army Officer application proforma that Westbury send you, you tick the box marked "bursary" rather than "regular commission".

    The OP will then attend AOSB like everyone else, and should he/she pass then Main Board then the AOSB performance report will go to another board that sits annually, and be judged against other applicants. If the OP is deemed worthy, then the bursary will be awarded.

    It is possible to get a bursary while at university (the UOTC will deal with your AOSB paperwork for you), but funds are not awarded retrospectively so you would only receive the grants for the following year(s) attendance at university (plus the lump sum when you get to RMAS).

    It is also possible to be a university student with bursary that doesn't attend UOTC, but you are strongly encouraged to and questions will be raised if you don't.
  10. Thanks all. It was a massive shitter reading the FE Bursary guide like; 'Here's all the cash you could have applied for two years ago!'
  11. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    You are obliged to join the UOTC or - I suppose - a TA unit, or come up with a very strong reason why you shouldn't. The main reason for this is to ensure that the army is going to get its money's worth when you graduate and to give you a bit of welfare support. This doesn't mean you actually have to attend UOTC very much - if you're playing university level sport or doing some other worthy activity you will be taken on as a 'paper' member - but you should have what amounts to a welfare interview with the UOTC CO at least once a year. Incidentally, I'm aware of a recent case of a University Bursar having his bursary taken away for ******* his local UOTC about: be warned!
  12. I got my application sent off a few days ago, with the little box about the bursary ticked. Does anyone know how long the turnover for online applications is?

    Thanks again.