army UFAS system, how long should i wait? can i appeal? i want back in now!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Rikki-5100, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. i joined the army at the start of this year and was UFAS by the end because i did'nt have the right attitude because i did'nt want to be there due to personal reasons back home, i couldnt DAOR because everyone wanted me to stay in (family) now im out my issues has been sorted an want to be back in the army more than ever, my trg platoon have passed out and are all in their battalions loving it :( how can i get back in soon as possible? i was told id have to wait to years to get back in, can i appeal?
  2. Were you UFAS or NFAS?

    If UFAS then wait a long time! You have been deemed unsuitable.

    NFAS then it just means not yet suitable ie a bit immature needs to grow up first.
  3. i got ufas with a 2 year waiting period to get back in, but i want nack in sooner, is this possible?
  4. No..........
  5. You don't need anyone to answer that for you. You will be lucky to get back in after UFAS. The Army is cutting numbers big time so those deemed unsuitable will struggle to get it!
  6. What did it say on your discharge papers (AFB 130A)? Do they say you were a good bloke who should be given the chance, or did they say you were a complete liability who should never darken the doors of an AFCO again?

    If you were discharged under QR 9.383 (Unsuitable for Army Service) I would have thought there is little chance of you rejoining, that paragraph is normally reserved for bad boys :)
  7. it says to be worded in accordance with QR 1975 paras. 9.371 or 9.379b, can anyone put this in english for me? :?
  8. "Un-fucking-lucky", or words to that effect.
  9. It means go away. Don't come back. Good luck in McDonalds
  10. dose this apply for joining the royal marines?
  11. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    You were discharged "unsuitable for army service" , read between the lines and what there saying is you are not suitable for a career in the forces shit bust.
  12. Repeat after me;

    "Do you want fries with that?"
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  13. There is always the Legion.....

    ...British Legion that is.
  14. The French foreign legion will take you. They're a pushover, great for guys that need a little extra time to settle in.
  15. FFL sounds like the plan.