Army transporters crash in Cumbria

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Potential, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Just read this on BBC news site - anyone know whether the guy who died was army or not?

    RIP whoever it was!!

  2. By the look of it a DROPS has been involved and the Argos rig has come off worse of the 2. Wondered why the A66 was closed last night caused a bad tail back down towords the M55 turn off last night
  3. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Could have been equipment going to or coming from the QinetiQ proof and experimental establishment at Eskmeals. Did a 6 monht posting there - brilliant place and great fun.
  4. Out in the Arssehole of the universe though used to deliver up there still got the Conqueror hull up there?
  5. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Millom used to be quite a good run ashore though
  6. That's a detestable stretch of road.
  7. Waht the A66 or the road to Millom/Sellafield? both pretty bad
  8. It happened very close to Warcop training area so could so more likely kit from there, and that bit of road is indeed horrendous. Unfortunately if you live in that neck of the woods you get used to the road being closed for hours due to accidents involving lorries. Needs doubling all the way across.

    Far too many people have been killed/ injured on the Penrith/Appleby stretch of that road.
  9. May improve slightly when Temple Sowerby bypass opens but will still be a crap stretch of road, you want to try it when Appleby Horse Fair is on, all that traffic plus several hundred horse drawn caravans, interesting mix
  10. Know it well as I live up there! There hasn't been a caravan/horse/rider fatality free year for about the last five now I think! Be interesting to see how much longer the police tolerate the horse fair, there have been rumblings about getting shot of it.
  11. A66 aka "The Khyber Pass"

    It's a very fast road across the top and as you tootle towards Warcop form the East people don't realise how much they need to bring their speed down.

    It's the sort of road I'm happy to sit behind traffic and wait for the duel carriageways as the alternatives aren't worth it.
  12. All 3 drivers returned last night about 9pm. Fatality was a civvie driver.
  13. Now wouldn't that be nice :D
    The accident rate on the 66 is bloody awful, nobody seems to have any intenton of doing anything about it though
  14. The olds live in Kirkby Stephen so are probably getting the bad end of it with the diversions of the HGVs through the village!

    Is a seriously nasty stretch of road - saw a TV show a while ago about Britain's worst roads.... the A66 came out as the worst road in the UK when it comes to accidents and deaths. This was concluded by a panel of experts including one of the boffins from Shriv!!

    I know (knew?) about 5 people who've been killed/maimed on that stretch!!

    My thoughts are with the families of the victims
  15. this at the time of my annual camp down in warcop and one of our guys was driving the truck.
    the argos van drove onto a roundabout without looking and the truck,already going round the roundabout, hit the drivers door and killed him instantly, big mess aparrently.