army training regiment documentary

can anyone remember a tv documentary about the army training regiments, it was filmed about 10 years ago. what was it called, i really need to find this out
Think I can remember it, did one episode have the platoon mong on, he was even a disgrace to the mongs, he got told to buck his ideas up, in his eagerness he thought he would get a haircut - 0.5 all over, he was then charged for having a non regulation haircut, he eventually got binned but told come back in a couple of years when he'd had some "life expirence"
Was that the one? Wasnt you was it! :D
It was called Soldiers to Be. The only one I ever remembered was some mouthy little scrote who was constantly getting jailed. I think one time he done a week in the guard house because he went down town, got pished and proceeded to beat the sh1te out of the platoon mong.
I recall the brummie who kept a copy of B20 with him at all times and said he wanted to join THEM what happened to him? He seemed the mad keen i'll take charge type that turns up on any course and one tries to avoid
He wasn't a Brummie - he was from Solihull. Explains it all, really....
i was thinking about this show the otherday, was only a kid when it was on but i can remember watching it with my dad who was a squaddy pestering him with questions haha.
i guess ill find everything out on the 16th of feb when i start basic.

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