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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diehard57, Feb 4, 2008.

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  1. I've just posted on the OTC/ACF about an old B/W training film about a recce patrol called 'Dangerous Journey' and it reminded me of all the other old training films of the '70's. One in particular sticks in my mind. On my PJNCO cadre, we were shown 'Section Commander'. It had a Irish Cpl. who is tasked to advance with his section. En route he is bumped and takes out 2 enemy trenches - one with a 66mm LAW - the dialogue went something like "Oi'll give him a little touch of de old rocket". Anyway I think he has one man KIA and 2 others wounded as a result of these contacts and I thought at this rate by teatime he'll have no section left...... anyone remember this one or any others?
  2. the good old fire prevention video!!

    burning the old bedford in the barn! classic!
  3. That cheezy 80s Law of Armed Conflict vid shot in the fibua village was always my favourite. "They shot Schofield!" "Well, go an' 'elp Schofield, then!"

    There was also a black & white fieldcraft film from the 60s called IIRC "See without being seen, kill without being killed". There was a bluff, grinning Londoner Sergeant presenting it and it was actually pretty good if you ignored the outdated equipment.
  4. David Jason getting hypothermia

    A crab getting a dose from a 'nice' girl in Honkers

    Another crab doing LSD and falling from a ladder when fixing a plane.
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Remember "Gunner rea"
  6. I 'starred', along with other members of my platoon, in a Trg fillum called 'Too Fat Too Fight' They filmed it at RAOC Trg Depot in 81. They filmed the platoon stuffing food in to their faces, laughing and joking. Then cut to a slightly, er, 'overnourished' member of the platoon sat on his own on a table with a face like a wet weekend. Cut to a close up of his plate - a big white tablet sat in the centre of it, with him trying to eat it with a knife and fork. Subtle as a brick.

    I couldn't help thinking they had their work cut out at Blackdown with getting that particular message across.....
  7. Never once saw an RAOC guy in danger of wasting away! :D
  8. I remember the old B&W film locating the enemy - filmed in about 1952
    All armed with Lee Enfields.
  9. I remember one about "Hygiene in the field " or something.

    How to dig thunder boxes "pits for the use of" and a long section on how to make build, locate and care for your "desert rose".

    Edited to paste in this info
  10. One about the GPMG in the SF role called "The long and the short" or some such comparison. They likened the beaten zones to two birds, one a dumpy one and one a decent taller one. Useful enough film really.
  11. I can remember seeing one set in some shoite MQ's in Aldersh1te the poncy curry mopped haired one from Bread was in it.

    And 1 from the early 70's about a squaddie in BAOR who liked a bit too much to drink and was always getting him into bother resulted in him being sloshed and missing a time check and letting a rover enter into a mortar barrage
  12. Section Commander- The film was Cpl Murphy's Section
  13. Old RE Demolition film 70/80 ish with the immortal words

    'Its all on the safety fuse now Sir'
  14. and the famous one about how not to get a blobby knob....called The Choice is Yours. All to do with wearing rubbery things when doing the nasty. Should be right up MDNs street... :lol:
  15. I had the "luck" in the early 80's to get picked to be in one called the "Effects of Artillery fire" as a member of the OP, you would have thought that the effect would be pretty well self evident.. :roll: