Army Training/Experience most useful, least useful

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Jim_Research, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. If I had a parlour this could be a parlour game to play with those who have served:
    Question: What is the most useful thing, in civilian life, that you learned from your army service?:
    My answer: The real benefits of thorough preparation and planning.

    Question: What is the least useful thing, in civilian life, that you learned from your army service?:
    My answer; That the order "...into line left form..." is never heard in civilian conversation.

    Next please.
  2. genforce. Enough said really.
  3. Most useful: The art of getting from bed to workplace in good order in very short timeframe.

    Least useful: The culture that encourages taking strong drink that requires the haste listed above.
  4. Most useful: How to iron.

    Least useful: Marksmanship principles.

  5. Most useful: Assertiveness. The ability to detect a bullshitter and tell them to get fucked before it starts impacting on your time.

    Least useful: Values and standards training. WTF? Its civvies that need WIPS if anyone.
  6. Most useful, no one is that important that they cannot be replaced. That upsets civvies.

    Least useful, Not walking on grass, I still get a guilty feeling.
  7. Most useful: The ability to prioritise and to avoid unnecessary effort.

    Least useful: Kneeling gun drills.
  8. Most useful: there is no direct relationship between rank or status on the one hand, and personality / intelligence / common-sense on the other.

    Least useful: The difference between BTR40 and BRDM1
  9. Most useful : How to use a tin opener. :)

    Least useful : Not much call for whizzes with guided missiles unfortunately.
  10. Most useful : Is what you are about to say really worth saying?

    Least useful : How to bull boots.

    Er. In view of the first I should probably not post this, but WTF.
  11. most usefull. How to keep fit and an appreciation of being that way.

    Least usefull. Batco
  12. Most useful: The ability to take a bollocking on the chin and not blame it on anyone else.

    Least useful: Taking a bollocking when the tw@t giving it to you is the cnut who cocked it up in the first place and didn't have the balls to brief the General himself!

    Experience is a marvellous thing. Oh look 84 Tk Bde!
  13. Most useful: How to function through a hangover that would kill a civvy.

    Least useful: Any form of drill (although to be fair I didn't find it much use when serving either).
  14. Most Useful: Leaving the Army.....

    Least Useful: The Chemical Safety Rule or anything to do with NBC
  15. Most Useful: How to do a security survey (I'm astonished by how much civilian companies will pay for a decent Sy Surv). Closely followed by the "working with a hangover" thing mentioned above.

    Least Useful: About turn in slow time on the march (mind you, it gets you space on a crowded Underground platform if you practice while waiting). Closely followed by how to bull a brass casement stay with a Black & Decker sander before an OC's inspection...