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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DonnMac2, Nov 9, 2004.

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  1. Good day to all. I was just wondering if I could ask for some experienced opinion on the matter of army training camps.

    What with all the recent news about Scottish regiments being amalgamated (or not) and MOD "rationalisation" of assets my local Labour MP has been in the press saying that he has had some success in lobbying Geoff Hoon and was asked to prepare a policy about making Fort George into Scotland's main army training centre with the Highlanders based there.

    This came after the outcry against plans to make one Scottish super regiment and that Fort George was the army base most surplus requirements north of the border.

    Since then he has had a press conference with Adam Ingram and a visit to the base but nothing concrete along those lines was announced. It seemed to just be giving that impression. One of the lines that has been used is to make it the "Catterick of the North".

    All good stuff and no one could criticise it obviously.

    However I was wondering if anyone could tell me how viable or credible such a suggestion is in the foreseeable future?

    It's just that the base associated with training in Scotland was Glencorse but this seems to have been downgraded to a Recruit Selection Centre with Army Training moved to Catterick. If any place was to be an army training centre I would have thought the natural place would have been Glencorse.

    In addition it's also been reported that it's to be upgraded to possibly take three battalions as a base.

    So I was just wondering if people thought this idea for Fort George was a serious runner or is it a nice aspiration being given the image of being something concrete to string the voters along until the next election?
  2. Also mutterings about expanding the facilities at Barry Budden to accomodate a Battalion!
  3. a little dickie bird over the weekend told me that Fort Dod is being closed.

    Glencorse and the old Piping School barracks are being upgraded for the training barracks.

    Highlanders are staying in Falli (where they are now) along with everyone else. No idea with the Micks are going?

  4. Journo alert!!!!!! awoooga awoooga awoooga Journo alert!!!!!
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  6. No I'm not a journo Trotsky - just a long suffering constituent of a New Labour MP who plays at the spin of Mr Joyce.

    Thanks for the link Hackle. That's the story that actually got me thinking about this so called "Catterick of the North". If that is happening to Glencorse then wouldn't such an idea just be New Labour pie in the sky to hold on to some votes until next year and hope everyone forgets about it after the event?

    Plastic_Yank says Glencorse and the old Piping School barracks could be upgraded for training barracks. Which only makes the Catterick idea for Fort George look a smidgeon dishonest. Particularly since you have Adam Ingram giving the "impression" that he supports it - he didn't actually say anything, just got his photo taken hoping that people would think he did.

    Line_Grunt, thanks for the heads up on Barry Budden possibly accomodating a Battalion. If it's expanded what would then be the point of making Fort George a "Catterick of the North"?

    On top of that I've also noticed that there were plans for 480 beds for a training camp at Kirkcudbright.

    Did this go ahead? If it did, does that not just make the Fort George suggestion even more likely to be pre-election spin and empty hope raising?

    Plastic Yank, the little dickie bird that told you Fort Dod is being closed; is this something more concrete? The story has already been trailed and I was just wondering if that prospect is now more likely?
  7. I have no inside knowledge on this, but have regarded the "Catterick of the North" idea as the local MP being seen to be doing something, partly for defensive reasons because of the bitterness over the threat to the regiments. I have not seen anything about the LibDems supporting the plan, with the neighbouring MP that they have I imagine they would have supported it if they thought there was anything in it.

    I am sure there is a case to be made for it in theory, with space for more ranges and training facilities than in the Glencorse area. Ranges right on the doorstop, etc. And much nicer local people than in Lothian :wink:

    The MP also said something about the Highlanders having a base in the area, not clear if he meant the Battalion, or simply retaining an RHQ.
  8. i always thought that catterick WAS in the north
  9. The upgrade to Barry has long been muttered about. Almost in the same vein as Fort George.

    The basic synopsis is that with a reduction in presence in either NI or Germany they will need somewhere to accomodate the soldiers and their families who are being relocated.

    This idea has been kept on the boil as both Dundee (Barry Buddon) and Inverness (Fort George) are targets for urban renewal and inward investment by the Scottish Executive, EU and UK Govt. (Barry Buddon could be quite a sensible idea given its location close to major airports and the new international port at N. Queensferry).

    One idea that i have heard muttered about is that Fort George could be turned into training camp, with a dedicated training team covering a wide variety of skills and courses in order to make best use of both the space and resources that are on hand in that part of the world.

    Another option that i have heard mentioned is that Fort George could be turned into a 'Depot' for Scots Div for all those lucky souls who have finished phase 1 or 2 training and are awaiting posting to their respective regiment or course...a deepcut of the North (oh, the horror, the horror...)
  10. LOL growler, you are geographically challenged, I bet you are using your compass next to a metal gate. :wink:
  11. many of the ideas posted have merit, and i for one would hope that Inverness stays as a barracks, but it looks unlikely.

    leaving aside the politican reasons to screw Sneckie (SNP will probably gain it at next election), Barry Budden is just too small, Brig of Don has been sold off and Kirk does not have the infrastructure.

    Glencorse and Peniculk have actually been run down since the late 90's when everything moved to Catterick (in the "midlands" - that'll get the Geordies going) and my understanding is that it is now under a major renovation. Lots of pad and singles quarters for instructors, plenty of training space, infrasture for training (hospital, physio, town, pubs, train and bus access) and can be a sop to the Lowlands for when they lose a regiment (sorry IF they lose a regiment)!

    Look at where the regiments currently are and it makes a bit more sense as well. who is in Fort Dod? - the Irish! And who's in Edinburgh??? Since the new FAS seems to indicate that Regiments will stay put, can you imagine the Irish wanting to stay in Inverness until Doomsday!

    just my tuppence worth!