Army to welcome heavy soldiers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 9, 2006.

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    I suggest that a new regiment could be created - 'Royal fatties'.

  2. BMI is not an exact science, I know athletes that were rejected for being above or below the BMI. If someone is unfit, the physical tests will weed them out anyway so it's proabably a sensible course to have a more pragmatic approach. Lets face it, once they get in the QA's they will develop a fat arrse anyway!
  3. 'BMI is not an exact science'

    Translation:- 'There's no more squaddies in the tin, let the chubsters in!'
  4. They'll be letting Gays in next....
  5. ''But the notion that brute strength can be useful for tasks such as carrying artillery for extended periods''

    Do they intend to take the tracks of all of our AS90s, or do they intend to use the fatties to carry gunners around in sedan chairs??
  6. I suppose with the shortage of medics, it would be useful after the gunners have collapsed on the CFT....
  7. Has anyone calculated the cost in extra material in making their kit... mind you, must be possible to sew 2 into one on some things... they'll look like a bag of shite regardless
    Just imagine the new barrage of insults that can be issed in training... or is that now not allowed as it might be viewed as bullying...... mwahahahaha
  8. I'm sure some 6 ft 5 20 stone Rugby playing Fijian would chuckle as he ripped your head off!
  9. I came close to going over the BMI whilst going through the recruitment process, and Im not a fatty, I just happen to have a set of shoulders. My BFA run time is about 9 mins 20, and can knock out about 80 push ups in 2 minutes etc. I was told by the recruiting people to stop going to the gym til after Id done RSC. "Yes, I would like to turn up to Recruit training less fit than I possibly can be, just to satisfy a plainly flawed test."
  10. Most of the England rugby team would qualify as 'overweight' if not 'clinically obese'.
  11. However, the England rugby team are unlikely to be presenting themselves at a RSC near you are they?
  12. There's nothing cushy about The Royal Shakespeare Company!
  13. Jonah Lomu and Martin Johnson are both overweight on the BMI scale - they were two examples in one of the papers today
  14. Last time I was inside the correct BMI range my height I'd just suffered a very painful week of food posioning, resulting in very sore stomach muscles and sore buttocks from sitting on the bog so much and about 2.5 stone of weight loss. I looked like 3 day old warmed up shite and could walk about 5 paces.

    It (the BMI table that is) is plain bollocks of the worst sort of pseudo science peddled by quacks
  15. Kitmarlowe wrote:

    I looked like 3 day old warmed up shite and could walk about 5 paces.

    Officer material then?