Army to University

Hey, I'm thinking that after 6 years in the Army it's time for a change, so Im interested in going to university when I leave been thinking about it for a while but now kinda looking at it in more detail but i like to know if anyone has anyone done it or anybody has any advice? I was originally thinking I might be able to study while I'm in but I think that's only open to new officer entrants? Any help is greatly appreciated I've loads of questions?
Uni is great fun mate and with broad shoulders and 6 years worth of Army tales, your knob will be red raw with shagging. Definately do it if you have the motivation and if you want any further help, PM me mate. Good luck.
And what Bryan said, I have done year one of a four year course, really enjoying it. If you are on a course you are interested in go for it. And get those Learning Credit things to pay for it!

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