Army to take over RAF Leeming????

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Styron, Nov 20, 2005.

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  1. F-35 decision dooms RAF Leeming
    Simon McGee
    Political Editor

    A YORKSHIRE RAF base is set to close after failing to become the host for a future generation of RAF fighter planes, sparking concerns about "huge knock-on effects" for the local economy.

    Armed Forces Minister Adam Ingram announced yesterday that he could not guarantee the future of RAF Leeming, near Northallerton, once the base's current Tornados are phased out – although he signalled other roles were being considered.

    Leeming had been one of five air military airports nationally being considered for the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter which is still in development but, ultimately, a Scottish base was named.

    The MoD said the noise impact would be disproportionate for residents in nearby towns and villages including Bedale and Aiskew where local people had expressed fears about the new aircraft.

    Last night politicians in the county said there was a good chance the facility could be given over to the Army garrison at Catterick, securing vital cash for the local economy and perhaps even safeguarding the 100 or so local jobs at the base, currently home to 1,800 military and civilian personal.

    MP Anne McIntosh said: "It's effectively the end of RAF Leeming.

    "And there's no guarantee whatsoever that they'll find another use for the airbase.

    "We need to know sooner rather than later what's really happening, to work out the implications for the local economy."

    North Yorkshire County Council had stated that it recognised the importance of Leeming to the local economy but had "serious reservations" about its suitability.

    Replying to a question by the Tory defence spokesman Julian Lewis about RAF Leeming, Mr Ingram said: "There are a number of work things in place that could have a very beneficial outcome for Leeming, but they're not at a mature level yet.

    "We'll just have to wait and see how they play out."

    North Yorkshire County Council leader John Weighell was hopeful last night that Leeming would still have a military future.

    "An announcement will be made in Catterick soon that may well see the Army taking the base over," he said.

    "We guessed that the sound problem for the sheer number of people living nearby would make it difficult for the new plane to be based there, but we still want it to be kept as an MoD base."

    At a press conference at RAF Lossiemouth, Group Captain Russ Torbet, Station Commander at RAF Lossiemouth and Group Captain Chris Birks, Station Commander at RAF Kinloss, said the announcement secured the future of both bases for the next 30 years.

    Group Captain Torbet said: "This is excellent news for the station and the local community and will ensure an RAF presence for many years to come."
  2. Yet again it's that age old problem, the locals complain about the noise from their local RAF base, but as soon as the decide that to save them the hassle of all that noise and close the base, (after all, what use is an RAF airfield if you aren't going to have planes landing and taking off?), their first cry is "That'll ruin the local economy!"

    Are these people stupid or just selfish?
  3. Indeed. Don't forget that they will welcome with open arms the Army unit moving in because it 'helps the local economy'. It is usually a matter of weeks before the local rag calls for bans on the licentious soldiery in 'their' town/village/cess pit.
  4. I am in catterick and i heard a rumour about 6 months ago from a reliable source that Leeming will be taken over by the army and turned into a logistics base a bit like Abingdon. This included 8 RLC moving from Marne to Leeming and INF battalions moving from Germany to Marne!
  5. stupid and selfish. But they'll want you in their cess pit when you're putting out the fire their ned son started cos the firefighters are on strike even though thiy're on double the lads in the GG/RG.
  6. Actually, Both. I work at Gatwick. The local papers are full of people dripping about aircraft noise and forming pressure groups and generally shit stirring in the commercial, job creating activities of the airport.

    These people are so concerned about there house value, but they don't realise the nice new town house they bought so cheap 6 months ago, was cheap because it's near an international airport. If you don't like A/C noise, don't live near an airport. STUPID CNUTS!

    Anyway A/C noise is delightful, cos you never hear the one that crashes on you!

    The noise of peoples stereo's, DIYers at the crack of dawn, car doors slamming, car alarms are what grips my s hit! An aircraft overhead is soon got used to. Certainly never wakes me up at work when I park my official car at the end of the runway for a kip during night shifts!
  7. I knew that. It was a retorical question. :roll:
  8. Yes. I know what a retorical question is. I am not thick. I merely illustrated what is a common problem. You sound like you wear a grow bag all day :roll:
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    First RAF Germany,Then some U.K station,The RAF Coltishall now Leeming!!Not to mention the axing of the R.Navy Harrier's & the RAF Jaguar fleet,It looks to me like the Gov is at it again! I suppose it's one way to pay for Blair Force 1!!
    At least with the Army taking over,the local economy ,hopefully,shoul'nt be hit too hard!!
  10. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

  11. My son is based at RAF Leeming. I asked him this question only yesterday and he told me that they had been told that Eurofighter would be arriving there and a couple of other minor RAF uniys would also be moving there.
  12. So, your nipper is the Station Commander?

    Hell's teeth, you heard it here, straight from the top.

    Wonder what they're saying over on Pprune? Bet they'll be relieved at the news.
  13. Im sure that bith Eurofighter and F35 politics and subsequent lack of procurement has and will continue to play a major role in th future of Lemming, however, having done a bit of flying in that part of the world I would be suprised if the fact that this is some of the busiest open airspace in the country hasnt played a significant factor in coming to this decision.

    Tornados, Hawks, Tucanos, Tutors, Apache, numerous visiting aircraft and even more numerous civialin fixed wing powered a/c gliders and micro-lights all routinely use the Vale of York as a local area (less so Hawks and Tornados) The area is destined for an aluminiun death cloud before long. The main problem, in my opinion is the mix of types and moreover speeds of these a/c. You would be suprised at how many times a slow moving microlight can pop up in your 12 when the sun is low in the sky with you with your thumb up your arse transiting to any of the stations in that area.

    I'm sure noise is an issue for some residents and I know that some of the noise abatement areas arent followed with the greatest of ease (particularly on the downwind leg of Leeming) but in my opinion this is is low on the prorities of the men who may well have made a decision not to continue to fly from Lemming.
  14. This true, as far as the official line is concerned. Leeming has been named as one of the three stations to host Typhoon, however we all know this is about as likely as the third Tranche!