Army to split into two factions?

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by dave8307, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. A plan to split the Army into two "forces" has been revealed by the Independent:

    Revealed: plan to split Army into two forces - Home News - UK - The Independent

    A blueprint entitled Army 2020 has been drawn up by Lieutenant General Nick Carter, who has been tasked with the Army's reorganisation while overall numbers are cut by a fifth. It recommends the separation of "Reaction" and "Adaptable" forces, enabling the UK to respond in an emergency while also preparing for longer-term deployment.

    It doesn't appear in any other on-line newspapers so is the Independent stirring it? I leave it to my honourable colleagues of ARRSE to discuss.
  2. Largely a rehash of the story first published by Sam Kiley on Sky News.
  3. Thanks for that H_M, but I didn't see Kiley on Sky News.

    Having done a quick search and found nothing on the subject I thought it would be a good idea to put it into the greater arena.

    Ho hum
  4. When drawing up "options" you always have a "range" of proposals, to make it look as though the matter has been carefully examined, and all possibilities considered. If some show they will be political suicide, they can be discarded as "just one proposed option". The truth is, the eventual decision will already have been made, regardless of how many "options are on the table".
  5. See also the Appreciation/Combat Estimate/Seven Questions where one has to weigh up left & right flanking where the obvious answer (and the actual plan from the beginning) is Bags Of Smoke & Straight Up The Middle :wink:
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  6. Smoke, eh? Are you some kind of limp-wristed homosexualist?

    I expect you'll be issuing ammunition as well, too namby-pamby to close with the French and deliver a taste of cold Sheffield steel.

    Bespectacled, non-team-game-playing boffins, with their "estimates" and flanking attacks - damned socialism, I tell you.
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  7. Charlie, I think you may have hit on a major bit of defence savings. No more ammunition, just cold steel.

    I've posted this before but the 1907 Cavalry Training Manual had it right:

    If we just recruited Gentlemen and stout Yeomen we wouldn't even need procurement as they could reasonably be expected to own a horse & sabre. Now where's my OBE for this cracking plan?
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  8. Don't forget to point out that - by taking over the roles of armour - that your plan is 'green' as well, another tick in the box.

    On a related subject, I think that a little covering fire might still be needed. Lead's a bit un-friendly, so we'll give the infantry a weapon with re-useable projectiles. They'll be long and thin and made of wood - any fins will also be made from natural materials (feathers maybe?). Now, if only I can come up with some sort of launching device...
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  9. We could also just consider the use of longer spears. The HAC's Pikemen might get a bit angsty when they get their call up for Afghanistan, but most of them are old enough to have served there under Roberts...
  10. If we really want to save money, and rather than arguing about the relative costs of Brit / F&C / Ghurka soldiers why not think even more outside of the box?

    This demonstrates real blue skies thinking, the kind that will reimagine a whole new paradigm for the Army going forward:

    Ape With AK-47 (Gun) - YouTube

    The germ of a great idea, no?
  11. An OBE ?? You're TA and no even in the AMS ..... what do you people expect? you got 6 out of 60 in the last H&A list, be grateful, next thing you'll be demanding to be considered for CO of your own regiment! :)

    If you want, you can fight for one of the 40 BEMs handed out to MOD civil servants or you can line up with the Army cadets and we will organise a Lord Lieutenants certificate for you.
  12. I'll run it up the flagpole at Main Building & we'll see who salutes it.
  13. You misunderstand. I am retired, so see me as some form of external consultant. Payment off payroll, please, a man's got to make a living.
  14. Kings Troop RHA.

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  15. Capt P - would you be able to scan the document and send it to Tarquin, the unpaid intern at Conservative Party HQ as he is the Chief Policy Advisor for Defence Policy and feels that watching the "Life and Death of Col Blimp" has not quite been enough background for his new role.