Army to RAF transfer possible? Royal Signals to Aerial Erector

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by malosborne, Oct 31, 2012.

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  1. According to a well known website as at 31 Oct 12, the MOD is to spend over £30 million on recruitment advertising for "pinch point trades". Following is an extract:

    "The Royal Air Force is short of 96 personnel in hard-to-recruit roles, however, including 10 chaplains, 20 aerial erectors and 16 mechanics"

    My question is one which has been asked many times before on this site which has received an array of answers. I apologise in advance but need clarity!

    I am currently in a role within the Royal Signals and have in the past held the Royal Signals rigger qualification. Therefore I have a proven head for heights which helps and also plenty of qualifications that is required for the Aerial Erector role in the RAF. With this being a current trade that is short manned, surely this would benefit my case.

    My question is whether it is possible to transfer from the Army to the RAF. My trade would directly transfer with a small amount of trade training. If yes, and you do not have to leave one service to join the other could someone provide me with the information required so I can argue my point when I raise this request through my COC rather than going in half cocked and being shot down.

    If no, and you do have to leave one service to join another then my question is how are there people who have managed it?

    Everyones help is appreciated
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  2. Mal, others with greater knowledge than I can advise but AFAIK you can still transfer directly. You need to take it up with your COC though - if they don't want to let you you're fecked.

    Can I join - RAF Careers

    this is the relevant bit:

    "If you are currently serving in the Army, Royal Navy or the Royal Marines and you want to transfer to the RAF, you must apply on the appropriate Army/Navy form through your chain of command. The request for transfer will be processed locally by your unit HR department and then by your service’s Personnel Headquarters. If authorised by your HQHeadquarters, your transfer application will then be forwarded to the RAF for consideration."

    It can help if you have someone in your chosen trade to push your case. For Aerial Erectors I suggest pinging a thread up on e-goat. Note that riggers in the RAF is the nickname for airframes techs, just to confuse you.

    E-Goat :: The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force Rumour Network forums - E-Goat Home
  3. Submit afb 241 application to transfer, they can only stop you if you are in a pinch point trade
  4. Why not go for the Chaplain role?
  5. I'm an atheist. Thanks for the thought!
  6. FHA

    FHA LE

    What mechanics trade is it malosborne? Is it an aircraft one?
  7. So is the Archbish of Canterbury: mind, Chaplain has to be a good trade-only 1 pamphlet and no amendments.
  8. Aerial Erectors are one of two RAF trades that use the nickname 'Rigger'. It is not an aircraft trade. If it helps the trade of aerial erector is similar to a Royal Signals Telemech with the added working at height aspect thrown in. My advice for anyone wishing to jump across from the Army would be to contact the trade sponsor directly. If anyone should require his details let me know via PM.
  9. FHA

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    Well that's lucky, 'cause it says they're after 18 atheists as well as 50 GP's...
    Anyhow, I don't know if much has changed in the last 13 years but in the 80s/90s I worked with a few ex-Army and Marines. I think some actually left then rejoined but pretty certain there was cases of inter-service transfer. They all jumped because they wanted aircraft trade training and did absolutely fine.
    Sorry I can't help any more than that: maybe some of the still-serving will pitch in with how it is these days. Good luck.
  10. FHA

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    I'll let you off with that one: you slipped that post in just before I posted my I'm-an-ex-RAF-aircraft-tradesman one, so you weren't to know. Anyway, I believe they still argue about which "rigger" came along first: I've been hearing it for 26 years and still don't know the answer (although wireless communication pre-dates powered flight, I'll give you that.)

    If you read what malosborne said, aerial trades are mentioned specifically with "mechanics" separately stated as a cryptic asides: that covers a multitude of jobs. I've read the linked article since and it doesn't go into specifics. Having said that, the aircraft trades are usually over-subscribed so that could be a red herring.
  11. Hi I'm after some advice I want to transfer from army to raf want to be rmp would I loose my rank if I transferred and is anyone on here an rmp to give me advice
  12. There are no RMP in the Royal Air Force. If you want to be RMP then you would stay in the Army. You might get more info on joining the RMP on the RMP forum rather than the RAF forum.
  13. Hee hee Erector! That's pretty much all I've got that hasn't been said with far more clarity above. But still, erector :D
  14. Hi all new to this forum but ive looked at most of the posts regarding this subject and cant find definitive answers....

    I have put my paperwirk in AFB241 for a transfer to the RAF police. Transferibg from the MPGS as im only 25 and cant see myself stagging on for anothe 30 years.

    My main questions are do i need to do basic training is so do i need to do all of it??

    How long does the proccess take once APC get back to me.?

    Anybody tranfered recently who can shed