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Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Siggie, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Tried a search, couldn't find anything.

    Just wondering how easy it is to leave the army and settle in to the police?

    I want to eventually get to Para's and upon leaving, join the CO19 Firearms Unit of the Police.

    - Just to add, found out that you have to be in the Police for 2 years before transfering to firearms.
  2. When I left I did my demob course with the Hampshire police and then went into the MET and jacked before leaving Hendon as it was f***ing childish, being treated like 12 year old, it was worse than day one at junior leaders, and all the time I was being offered jobs with better pay and a lot more fun so I went to Africa and had a ball
  3. That'll be two years before you can apply to join CO19, I can't think of many blokes/ettes that joined CO19 that soon in their career, I'm not saying it can't be done just that it might be a little difficult.

    Good luck with both careers.
  4. Thanks. So is there no way to directly apply to CO19? You think they'red be some kind of scheme for migration from army to police?
  5. Not trying to get at you or be critical but why not just join the police in the first instance if thats where you want to end up in the future?? It may be worth it in the long run.
  6. Why? you cannot join a specialist unit in the Police without first getting some real "beat" experince.

    This applies to all specialist units including the River Police, Police Divers, Firearms, Traffic, Motorcyclist etc etc.

    No singling out, just a fact of life....even the Army wont let you join the SAS without serving first. :)..and they arnt as hard as The Sweeny ;)
  7. Haha good one.

    If you can see from my previous posts, filing paperwork from some 17 year old whos smoking some pot, is not exactly what i want to be doing.

    As for real beat experience... wouldn't a para be more entertaining to them than a street bobby with a few years pulling over speeders?
  8. A PARA may be an excellent shot, physically fit and a good all round soldier. However Firearms officers are coppers first, cowboys second. They are expected to apply the law, investigate crime and arrest offenders just like everyone else.

    I too personally think there should be some easy leap from the armed forces (Particularly ex NCO's and Ruperts) to the police however this should not interfere with the tried and tested probation period. I was suprised by how many people actually bin it within the first few years for various reasons such as stress, fear of confrontation, the inflexible hours, the fecking paperwork, being treated like a tw@t, realising its all very 1 step forward 2 steps back and the paperwork... again.

    Good Luck ;)
  9. I wouldn't be a rush to join any police force for a while.

    I was one of the lucky few that got my application in to GMP during the 48 hour window that was opened last February. Since then it has been a very slow process of running through the selection system.

    In July last year, all applicants thathad not fully completed their selection process were given a letter stating that all further recruitment is on hold for the forseable future due to budget issues. The letter also stated that although everyone should maintain their current fitness levels there would be no progressing of any applications until at least April 2010.

    Looking on the police equivalents of Arrse it appears that this is the case across the whole country.

    I suggest that you have a look at the police websites and talk to the people doing the job.
  10. It's been nearly seven years since I left the Met for pastures warmer and unless things have changed drastically you still have to do the two years probby period and only then can you start applying for specialist posts or jobs.

    As a previous poster mentioned you might have a long wait to get into the force of your choice, a lot of people used to join the Met, do their two years and maybe a little more and then transfer to a county force, don't know if that is still done.

    When I went through the police college they were pushing through 200 newbies every 5 weeks so the turnover is huge but then again the rumour was that there were 10 applicants for every space that came up, so we were speshul ;-)
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you haven't actually got where you want to be in the Army yet and you're already thinking of leaving and joining the Police...
    I assume that you are both young in years and young in service, and for what it's worth I'd stay just where you are and get to the top of what you're doing currently before thinking of moving on. I have been in the Police for 19 years having left the Army in 1991 and I am currently with CO19. We have far too many inexperienced young chaps and chappesses who think the Police is an easy ride to loadsamoney, but who haven't learnt enough from the real world first.
    Please see a bit the nasty side of life in the Forces first, and then use that to your advantage later on in a few more years when you join the Police.
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  12. This has got to be a wind up. PLEEEEEAS tell me that this is a wind up. :x
  13. I'm calling wah on this load of borats.

  14. Why would it be a wind up? If you havn't got anything good to add, please keep it stumb...

    Its a valid question seeing as the Army and Police are both very similar, you would think that there was a way to progress from the army.

    Its called a career plan. Some people actually think about what they want to do, and also more than a few years in advance...

    Its not about the money its what i want to do. If it was the money, id stay where i am, i've got a nice custy little office job earning me 25k a year but it bores the hell out of me.

    When you say inexperienced, im guessing you mean life, and sorry but you cant say a para will be inexperienced in that.

    Yeah i see where your coming from on that, understandable though definetely.

    Thanks to everyone for their input so far!! :D
  15. My bold.

    Now I have stopped laughing I can reply.

    Wrong. They are not.

    It was fairly easy to join the Police from the Army 30 years ago, before decent comms, when a copper patrolled alone and only had a whistle to summon help, and had to be fairly handy at the rough and tumble.

    Now-a-days though, with a CV full of operational tours and a kit bag full of enemy ears you will fail at the first hurdle, and if by some paperwork cock-up you do get in and finish your probation and do some independent patrol time on the beat and manage to make friends with members of the firearms team (all of these are a prerequisite by the way) you still will not get a position on that team with a gung-ho attitude. (even if you are the best snipery bod in your military unit).

    The best weapon a copper has got is his mouth.

    Sorry to dissapoint.

    Edited to add. Yes. I have worn both uniforms and it is a bone question.