Army to pay for Gym use - Is this true????

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Zorro, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Credit to ArmyNet and Soldier Mag for this.

    I cannot believe this, its madness!!!


    I was posted from Andover to Abbey Wood and in my first week went to the gym for an induction lesson. I was refused access and told I would have to pay up first to become a member.

    After a small laugh I realised they were serious and explained that I was in the middle of a rehab programme. It made no difference. The Abbey Wood MoD site is a civilian site with a civilian gym – so, no membership fee, no access.

    Royal Navy and Royal Air Force personnel are funded to use it, but Army people get nothing. We have to pay but can’t claim it back.
    I have been told that this has long been the situation and that “someone is looking into it”. I have contacted my local rehab unit and they tell me that, fit or not, I should have access to the gym. Can someone please tell me why I should now pay to get fit? – WO2, name and address supplied.

    Lt Col Ian Davidson, Land Forces Training, responds:

    Army personnel are expected to maintain fitness levels even when posted to non-military or isolated units, which may not have convenient gym facilities.

    The level of fitness required in specific locations is set out in MATT 2, which states that personnel under 50 when attached or posted to a headquarters unit such as Abbey Wood are required to pass a PFT twice a year, subject to their medical category, which the WO does not make clear in his letter.
    To achieve it, an individual needs only sports kit and a place to run and complete press-ups and sit-ups. Access to a full gym facility is not a requirement. While we accept it would be preferable for everyone to have access to a gym, there is currently no funding for it across the Army.

    The lack of a coherent gym franchise across the UK, and the number and isolation of MoD establishments, means the MoD cannot seek the best terms on a Service-wide basis. In most areas it would have to pay the market rate of £400 to £600 a year. Abbey Wood is already subsidised and membership fees are £40 a year or £3.30 a month.

    The other Services have different schemes. The RAF funds membership in full while the Navy contributes up to £50 a head a year from non-public funds, providing the individual is a member of the Royal Navy Sports Lottery.

    The WO says he is in a rehab programme to get him back to full fitness and this may place a different perspective on his need for gym facilities. He should speak to his medical officer to determine his exact needs and then to the Divisional SO2 physical trainer to seek further advice as to how this extra requirement may best be achieved.
  2. This is the joys of letting a private company (Debut) run the facilities, someone has to pay for the staff and equipment........... that'll be the people who want to use it.
  3. I live very near to Abbey wood. Didn't even know there was an MoD site, or even anything close there. There's stuff in woolwich, but that's a fair while away.
  4. I'll say it is... Abbey Wood is near Bristol!
  5. My mistake, your fault :p
  6. I think PTS265 was referring Abbey Wood in SE London
  7. How the hell can you miss an office complex that holds 8000 plus staff, big red edged signs saying MOD Abbeywood and even has it's own lanes on the roundabout with MOD painted in the middle of the road.......... Are you in a Recce Regt by any chance?
  8. Well, if you go onto Armynet, they are having a vote regarding the possibility of paying for Gym use. I believe it's in the 90% mark against the idea, get on and vote.
  9. Do you reckon the bods at Land Training would make do with running around the local park and doing a few press ups and sit ups?

    The Army require us to be fit, so the Army should provide access to suitable training facilities. If that means a cost to MoD of 40 quid, then take a few Plasmas around to Cash Converters.

    On the flip side if the gyms could be properly run by a sort of PAYGF with all manner of terrorfying equipment in there (such as Keigel Trainers :D ) and Plasma hanging off the roof (with the QMSI coming on shouting "bend your knees not your back" and other motivational tips ala Dodge Ball).

    Perhaps the Army could provide free training (say 3 sessions a week) with those muscle busters who love pumping iron paying for their sessions on top. Obviously remedial and rehab would be free. Spouses and civvies could pay for access too.
  10. so some lt col says that all we need in the army to pass MATT2 is sports kit and somewhere to do press-ups and sit-ups and then go for a run.Will he also then come and tell my QMSI that we do not need to do circiut training as there is no need to do squat thrusts, push medicine balls up and down above our heads and all the other wonderful stuff we do during out three PT sessions a week. While we are at it we might aswell get rid of our sport fields aswell as there is no requirement for us to play sports as MATT2 does not see if we can kick a ball, rugby tackle someone or hit a small ball with a stick. .....OR is it the nature of the army that most of us like to keep fit and healthy and that is the beauty of the army that they give us PTI's and the facilities and time to do this!!!!
  11. I agree with the sentiment, but if it is on par with most decent civvy gyms then i would not have a problem with paying £40 a year. And as it says, you don't need a gym to pass the mandatory tests (although it is a nicety). The excuse of 'oh i'm in rehab' is just that - an excuse as there is no PTI there anyway.

    Correct me if i am wrong, but i understand Abbeywood does not have a mess and therefore Seniors are saving the normal £20-£30 a month mess bill. Don't see anyone whinging about the lack of mess facilities.
  12. There isn't a physical mess although, there are Messes if you get my drift and usually a couple of functions a year.
  13. I take it this is at local venues? Hotels etc? Are subs paid or does every one stump up only when they attend?
  14. to be fair whats the big deal you have to pay to use a gym?
    us in the TA have to if we wish to use a gym, and we cant claim the cost back, (unless ur unit operates something)
    all we are told is all u need to keep fit is a pair of running shoes, and we need to stick to the same fittness standards!
  15. unless your lucky(?) enough to live anywhere near Bury, Greater manchester and they give you free membership to all their leisure facilities including gym, sauna,pool etc etc