Army to pay civilian firm £1bn to recruit new soldiers



Been doing the same in Oz for a while iirc. They get paid per recruit so they aren't terribly fussy at times.
I often thougth about being a self-employed Army recruiter. I'd wait outside modelling agencies, dance studios, and when some poor lass comes out in floods of tears, cos she's just been told she's a few ounces overweight, or she's not quite the right shape, I will be there to dry her tears, take her for a coffee, and butter her up. "Never mind, I've got just the job for you, my girl. Plenty of overseas travel, action, adventure. We don't mind if you're a few ounces overweight...we don't mind if you're a few pounds overweight! We've got plenty of gym instructors to take care of that, and it won't cost you a penny. All the men you couild possible want, and ££££ as well!!!"

I reckon I could solve the Army's woman-power shortages and make a tidy bit of bunce for myself.

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