Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Aquafresh, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. About bloody time, But is it a coincidence that we are now facing a recession and that we should see a surge in British recruitment? They probably wouldn't be so keen otherwise.
  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, they do nothing when we are in a boom, and make a fanfare of it when we are on the greasy poll to economic oblivion. To be fair though, a lot of brass have mean mentioning caps on foreign recruits. Whilst not wishing to generalise, some groups do bring a lot of administrativ, cultural/tribal, or other problems with them. And we are also in danger of being mistaken for the British Foreign Legion the way numbers have increased exponentially in recent years.
  3. I think it's only right and proper. If the job market circumstances change, so should recruitment policy.

    Recruit from abroad when there are enough good civilian jobs to reduce volunteer rate amongst UK citizens, increase it when the job market worsens.

    How else would you want it?

    I suppose the ideal (i.e., the army pays so well it can recruit in a booming economy) is just not feasible. If there are potential soldiers from abroad the choice will always be foreign recruits or undermanning.
  4. My recollection of the previous wave of Fijians,was that they were excellent soldiers.Hopefully the latest wave will be as good.
  5. And why is this in the PQO / RAMC / QA forum?
  6. Because a high % are on a biff chit ?
  7. From the link

  8. Interesting that they have the QARANC down as limiting themselves to 15% foreign nationals. I wonder how many nurses and HCAs in the NHS (as a %) are foreign nationals?

    Is it realistic for that Corps to limit themselves?
  9. A little while back now, but the last manning presentation I went to listed QARANC as the most under-recruited corps in the Army.
  10. From the BBC news article:

    This is b0llocks, isn't it? Surely the closer your army needed skillset is to a civilian one, the easier it is to bring you in (the PQO route for medics, ALS etc formalises this for officers)? So, surely, it is (or 'should be') quicker to bring a qualified civvy nurse, dental technician etc in than to do the same with the PBI?

    I appreciate that the more front-line roles need more military skills but, IIRC, we actually had civvie contract nurses (as well as reg & TA) in the field hospital in Basra? Not suggesting that we should rely on contract staff rather than service personnel but it does show, at the limits, what you can get away with if you have to.

    Happy to be shot down - I'm not a medic but am SGRS specialist TA and we do exactly that - bringing people in with the relevant professional skills and providing them with the mil training they need.
  11. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    I understand from my sister, a nurse in Cambridgeshire, that there is a cap on recruitment of foreign nurses in the NHS, and even on the promotion of foreign nurses who are already here into vacancies which arise.

    Given that the average age of British Nurses is 45 years, this is a cause for concern, I'd say.

    And I don't actually support the recruitment of qualified nurses from overseas; it's not fair on their countries who have paid to train them and lose a valuable resource. I would support an increase in trainee places inthe UK for UK residents though.
  12. I have heard the same from my Boss (ex RMP!).

    We seem to have every nation under the sun in the British Army, there are at least 2 Russians that I know of! Perhaps if we reduced the number of foreign nationals in the Army too much there would be nobody left!
  13. Hell, even a good % of Officers are dodgy foreigners