Army to lighten load

The US Army that is :(

By Lisa Burgess, Stars and Stripes
European edition, Saturday, February 21, 2004

ARLINGTON, Va. — Every soldier in every infantry unit in the U.S. Army knows the legend of the “120-pound rucksack.” References to the “monster ruck” have become shorthand for today’s overburdened foot soldier, struggling to fight while hauling the equivalent of another soldier on his back.

The monster ruck is a myth, according to Lt. Col. Charles Dean, an infantry officer serving as the Army’s liaison to the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but that doesn’t mean soldiers aren’t carrying huge loads — up to 150 pounds.

The burden actually includes body armor, helmets, canteens, weapons and other gear that soldiers strap on or tote long before they pick up their rucksacks. All told, the average weight carried by a soldier on a dismounted operation is about 100 pounds, including a 30- to 40-pound rucksack, Dean said in a Thursday telephone interview.

To anyone who’s been deployed, it’s obvious that a soldier’s gear needs to be lightened up.

And the Army is working on just that: “Future Force Warrior” will spell out what a soldier will wear and use come 2012.

The program includes “some very stringent weight-reduction goals” — shaving a soldier’s burden by 50 percent, Dean said
Will this happen over here?

After all our troops in theatre carry comparable loads......and they have to carry the entire Spam armed forces as they are Pish.

Lighten our load Mr Bush. Don't turn up!
I think John Keegan once wrote that the weight a soldier has to carry in the field seems to be much the same throughout Western history - only the contents vary...
thats very true speak to any re inactor there not all walter mitty types and what ever army they in there load ways from 30 to 80 lbs of gear
the only diffrence is what the gear is

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