Army to keep petrol stations open

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Infiltrator, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. thought for the little old ladies having to lift those jerricans, though, is there?
  2. Heard this on the news. First thought; how many soldiers have we got left? Also Surely the RAF and RN have some spare drivers around?
  3. I wouldn't be too sure about that. My last two units had no service drivers left. All civvies. You just try getting a pickup from an airport out of hours! No feckin chance. RAF MT has been absolutely hammered recently. We couldn't even get the runway de-iced before it was too late as the contract allowed for a three hour call in. Result? Too late for de-icing and the guy that turned up couldn't even use the snow plough properly. Still, it all saves money, doesn't it?
  4. Why not get the firefighters to do it instead? They're reputably handy with hoses. May need to draw the line at having them use their own vehicles, though, just to avoid accidents.
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  5. Are there 300 ADR drivers left, even if they were how would they cover 2000+ striking drivers?
  6. What's that noise I hear? Ah yes, chickens coming home to roost...
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  7. If only they would let us do driver training... and then the HAZMAT course... I know, ask my PSI!
  8. Dirty Scabbing bastards!
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  9. Well, it's not like the Army have anything else to do...

    I mean, all we do is spend a lot of time running around, playing soldiers, then get to go on an all expenses paid holiday to the sunny land of Afghanistan - and play soldiers some more...

    I think (hope) that this is the government trying to say to the tanker drivers - go on strike, it isn't going to affect the country. However, we all know that we don't have enough drivers (especially with the right H&S qualifications) to take over - unless the Government has been secretly training soldiers for the past few months just in case...
  10. TBH, I doubt if any service drivers would be able to use the 'company' vehicles, and if forces tankers had to be used I'm not sure if they would be compatible with service station fuel tanks as civvy tankers are gravity operated whilst ours have pumps.
    I have a suspicion that the fuel delivered would be to 'approved' garages who will only be serving 'essential' customers only. When I left in 2000 the fuel blockade hit about 3 months later. By this time I was working in a school and as such considered to be an essential worker and offered a fuel 'pass'. I declined as I only lived a mile away and was walking anyway. All of the teachers grabbed a pass as they had a union meeting and reinforced their image as critical workers to each other. Even the few teachers who lived within a few hundred meters of the school took one!
    Lets be honest here anyway, in the very near future tanker drivers will be delivering fuel no one can afford anyway,so their jobs will be cut as a matter of course.

    Edited to add: And the army doesn't have that many tankers anyway!!

  11. Jesus managed it with a couple of fish and some rolls. It could work again!
  12. Jesus delivered fuel to petrol stations with fish and some rolls! Wow, I knew he was good, what with the walking on water and bringing people back from the dead, but this miracle really stands out.

    Therefore, forget the Army drivers delivering the petrol, and get the Padre's onto it! LOL
  13. Simply bluster to make the tanker driver unions think again before walking out.....
    Any drivers HM forces can scare up will be used to ferry emergency supplies for key workers ect, the proles will not be getting a look in..

    I was put on standby for this many years ago (and briefed the above) in a similar situation, we were given a crash course in the various bits of kit and told to stand fast. Back then the army was flush with HGV drivers.

    What will be interesting will be the reaction of the unions when the squaddies enter the depots to requisition the kit needed. MOD has no where near the required number of tankers to be able to cope.
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  14. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Army doing petrol runs. Great idea can I have a price for a dozen jerrys at the back gate, save all this nonsense about having to pay the middleman for the hard work.

    On a cautionary note UWC strike army took over filling stations and promptly filled the petrol tanks with deisel. Result Stormont gets mahoosive bills for wrecked engines cousin claimed for my recently wrecked 175 honda, Him and his mates hit every unemploment benefit office in Co Down for emergency payments and made a fortune when the extent of fraud was discovered it was quietly written off.