Army to keep Afghanistan combat vehcles

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by FEASG, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Something is going right then.
  2. It is like the Never Mind the Buzzcocks line-up. Number 4 hasn't even got a visible weapon.
  3. Taliban ORP - 4 man pack.
  4. Talib chamber pot is one very nasty weapon.
  5. *wah shield up*

    I'm going to tentatively put forward that it's an home-made IED

    *wah shield down*
  6. yes i'm sure that's what the sensible answer is. he'd probably look more amusing now with updated version holding tupperware box.
  7. Brilliant intelligence sting :

    The Afghan Antiques Roadshow .

    So tell me , has this AK47 been in your family a long time ? Can you tell me how you came to own it ?
  8. Bit embarrassing if the answer comes back "Some nice western man gave it too my father in the 80s think he said he was from C&A or something like that":)
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  9. By definition all IEDs are homemade.
  10. Is there a clue in the name?
  11. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    Way back in H7/H8 cooking pot IEDs were very common, my last foray there on H13 they had ditched the cooking pot (metal) for the palm oil (25litre, plastic, bright yellow) due to the success of metal detectors in finding IEDs. That's why anti-personnel IEDs got really bigger, because they were stuffing more HME into the bigger containers.

    The tupperware lady was never popular amongst the Taliban.