army to help new animal lab

saw on ceefax today something about the army helping get supplys to a new animal testing lab because of terrorist intimidation :(
living in brighton HQ of these weirdos.
I hereby offer my services to help mark targets :twisted: got to get our force protection in first spent all that money on gunships might as well use them on animal liberationists
what the fcuk was the point of that last post?

ok the image is shocking but if the research is done to help improve the lives of US, HUMAN BEINGS then the odd cat, monkey, dog, rabbit are acceptable casualties.

would you rather be rather be prostrate in pain in a hospital while they were sucking the blood out of you with leaches, with your world slightly fuller of fluffy animals or CURED?

Pointless animal experimentation (cosmetic companies etc...) is questionable but screw all of the people who would rather sacrifice others rather than creatures lower down the food chain!

rant over but fcuk you playing the heart strings! TW*T.
Without the animal rights people protesting over the decades, laws would not have been changed and the barbaric and pointless animal testing that used to be carried out still would be carried out.

I agree that an awful lot of good comes out of some of the experiments that are carried out on animals, but there is still alot that is pointless. It is a shame that most of the protesters look like tossers.
I'd volunteer to get Bliar down there safe and sound to be experimented upon... after all, he is Shrub's poodle, isn't he? :twisted:

Then we can send them Brown & TCH, but not necessarily in that order!


wHoSaIdThAt? said:
if the research is done to help improve the lives of US, HUMAN BEINGS then the odd cat, monkey, dog, rabbit are acceptable casualties.
It's not just the 'odd animal', it's over 100 million animals suffering every year in laboratory experiments world-wide.However, as most countries provide only incomplete statistics it is impossible to know the exact number. Animals bred for research but subsequently killed as 'surplus' are also currently excluded from the statistics.The UK is Europe's largest user of animals for experiments.
People against vivisection are terrorists now are they? To label them terrorists and call in the troops is fukced right up.But then that's this country all over for you.
The animal liberation front are terrorists just not very good ones .
Fortunatly no one been mad enough to give them weapons or explosives
but they have planted fire bombs and used intimdation techniques
live near someone who has a ny vague connection to a lab and your car
could get vandlised.
If you eat meat use any animal product keep a pet
benefited from any animal research acording to the extremeists that makes you a legitamate target .
With rights comes responsbilities when a cow can order a pint it can have some rights till then its lunch and a nice pair of shoes .
I think its great blair unleasheing the army on to a bunch of lefty
lentil eating students .I d rather shoot one of them than an iraq any day of the week. And with the defence cuts taking place we probably only up to fighting the alf anyway

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