Army to guard prisons if prison officers strike!

On sky news now.

As if we haven't got better things to do.

It's all to do with the privatisation of prisons. The prison officers aren't happy - so if they strike up to 3000 troops maybe deployed!
ah right so all the unemployed people with security experiance couldn't be used?
Don't be silly, it's easier (and probably) cheaper to bugger up everyone's POTL and downtime between deployments, than come up with a sensible solution.

Plus I suppose the Government could also use it for a bit of propaganda; unpatriotic prison guards forcing the Army to step in even though we're busy in Afghan and standing by for Libya etc...
Let them go on strike, I'm sure you could replace some of them with a few of the PCSOs & Police whom are about to be made redundant, no one is irreplaceable.
The Army guarded them in 1988 when Rollestone Camp on SPTA became HMP Rollestone. Stagging on watching prisoners playing pitch and put all day. :blank:
finger. pulse.

Is that why blokes had been stood up for this for months then? I wonder if this is another reason why Prairie Thunder 1 has been cancelled?!
Yet more spin on this from the media, this was only covered on arrse about a fortnight ago...

Someone asking who was providing the training was the OP Q
In this day of big brother there's a simple answer, all those POs who are ex forces, recall them to the colours and have them report to the prison where they work when not on military service. Text or email will be fine.


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