Army to force out wounded soldiers


HUNDREDS of British troops, including many injured on frontline duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, are to be eased out of the army in an efficiency drive being overseen by Kevan Jones, the veterans’ minister.

Jones defended the plan yesterday amid claims from senior military sources that it was designed to remove injured and sick “bed blockers” from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) payroll.

“I don’t want to see anybody forced out. But the question that needs to be asked is this: for some people is it in their interests to actually stay in the armed forces? In some cases I don’t think it is,” Jones said.

The plan, due to be announced this autumn, is targeting between 5,000 and 6,000 service personnel who have been identified as medically unfit but are still on the payroll.


The government just doesn't get it, does it?
Pointless having soldiers if they cannot perform their duties efficiently. The army isn't a charity. Its all very well putting them in jobs that don't require full fitness but there's only so many places within a battalion. Give them a decent payout and pension and mag to grid.
Sounds harsh but the army isn't a charity, it's a fighting organisation and sadly it's the fighting troops from the infantry that are sustaining the most casualties. Infantry battalions can only employ so many injured personnel.
Maybe a new unit could be sanctioned for injured troops to serve in.

Edited to add: Yes I am fully aware non infantry units also receive casualties before the REMF's call for the outrage bus to be POL'd.
How much will the MoD save? I thought that these days the MoD considered it cheaper to retain injured personnel rather than to MD them and then have to compensate them.

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