Army to do gay pride march

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LEFT200, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. aol
    After all the urine taking we did of the airforce, shocking.
  2. Are 3 Para Mtr Trp leading? Overt agression is a sign of latent homosexuality!
    Makes a change from a certain Lt Cdr in the Navy airing his militant pro-homo views and trying to tarnish HMS Fearless's reputation by accusing them of being homophobic.
  3. Welcome to the Brown Side, chaps. :D

    It only hurts for the first dozen or so insertions....
  4. I'm glad to be......

    .....nowhere near Manchester.

    At least we didn't have to even think about this stuff in the '70s.

    Bloody silly people.
  5. Has anyone sent HELLFYR a PM yet? Better still an application form.
  6. or an anthrax coated envelope
  7. On the subject of Anthrax just what became of the US terrorist that King George swore his administration would hunt down post 9/11 ?
    On the subject of this thread what has becum of the army I left in good order, all thoes years ago ?
  8. .....we're all busy widening the circle of our friends......
  9. F*cking faggots.
  10. Jawol Storeman Norman, Form a circle is the term used.
  11. A Very Very Sad Day
  12. coooeeeeeeee!

    Mince, mince
  13. On the bright side some fascists and lefties are going to counter demo&counter counter demo so it has the potentiol to all end horribly :) really think the army should stay out of politics .
  14. So very true,a very sad day indeed when the Army is publicly humiliated in such a way just for PC points.It is totally wrong to make an organisation such as the Armed Forces 'reflect the society it serves' it should be allowed to stay above/beyond its ever changing whims as such and not be made to pander to the likes of the 'Gay'lobby.Do as the yanks do don't ask don't say!
    Anyone care to guess Regts/Corps represented and jobs on offer to Gay boys/girls????????
    Has any gay joined up and actually gone to a Unit such as Paras etc and stated they are a shirt lifter to all?

    'Everyman thinks mean of himself for not having been a soldier'
  15. G Squadron, 22 SAS Regt

    (G used to mean Guards but now stands for Gay)