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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Kromeriz, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. Army losing key staff under voluntary redundancies - Telegraph

    A fine piece of journalism by Andrew Hough...

    By Andrew Hough

    6:25AM GMT 08 Jan 2013

    Critical posts, including intelligence officers, interrogators and linguists, are being left unfilled as up to 5,000 jobs are axed, army commanders claimed. They also fear they will have no control over the Army’s future shape when job cuts take affect this month, as talented soldiers leave and less competent staff remain.

    A leaked email suggests No 10 leant on military chiefs to accept voluntary, rather than compulsory redundancies, a claim denied by Downing Street.
    The claims are made in an internal Army email, headed “Redundancy War Game” that was sent among a group of senior officers, and leaked to the Times. One officer wrote on November 27, last year: “All the evidence to date is that No 10 is not yet convinced of the need for more tranches and the sensitivity is particularly acute over ‘non-applicants’.”A second officer suggested that with "measures to increase the number of applicants, there is a real risk that No 10 could still block all further ‘non-applicant’ redundancies". Another internal briefing note, from the Army Personnel Centre to commanders, claimed there was a “growing problem” over the number of vacancies, known as “gapping”. The Army is expected to shed 9,500 jobs over the next two years.

    Downing Street sources last night dismissed suggestions officials were trying to “speed up the up the redundancy process” but admitted that “voluntary redundancies are always preferable”.
    They added: "We do not recognise the suggestion that we have been trying to 'speed up' the redundancy process. This is a complex issue and one that needs to be carefully considered. "Yes, voluntary redundancies are always preferable but Army restructuring is a decision for the Military and the MoD and it must be one which leaves us with a flexible army with full operational capability."

    Major General James Everard, Assistant Chief of the General Staff, said the Army had to cut 82,000 jobs
    over the next few years and "the redundancy scheme aims to achieve this". The Army is seeking to maximize the number of applicants for the scheme whilst meeting its future requirements.

    Gapping is inevitable during a period of turbulence but the Army’s outputs will not be affected and Afghanistan remains its top priority.

    “Gapping is inevitable during a period of turbulence but the Army’s outputs will not be affected and Afghanistan remains its top priority,” he added.

  2. Lose 82,000 jobs? I await the formation of the Home Guard.
  3. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    "A leaked email..."

    I love how most of these news reports start this way these days.

    I just hope none of mine ever 'leak' out.

    Not since I changed my JSP 740 disclaimer line at the bottom of it to include the quote from the A Team monologue anyway...

    Surprisingly nobody ever notices. Apart from Vertical Gyro, who started it anyway.
  4. Most of our political elites in all 3 main parties would understand what Defence and the Military is all about. It appears that the same old ingrained 'Toff' attitudes that abounded amongst the then political elites before, during and after the First World War still crawl around the corridors of Whitehall and the MoD.

    Blair, Gordon Brown and his elites (Mr Ed Balls(up)) showed total contempt and missunderstanding for the Armed Forces in the operational requirements in Iraq and Afghanistan when these Pillocks were in charge. It looks like the same 'pillock-ized' attitdues abound amongst the Coalition government.

    Totall F*ckewittery, Kluster F*ckery and Tw*ttery, along with all the other deleted expletives describing their abilities.

    (yes, I have taken my Meds this morning)
  5. The last time the Army started making people redundant it took no account of individual preferences, cutting solely on the basis of ORBAT - just as it seems the Army wished to do this time.

    However, what actually happened last time was that once the redundancies were decided those who wished to go but had only been hanging on to see if they could get redundancy promptly put their papers in. Hey presto, a badly undermanned Army.

    I would see this as a statement by the govt that they are incresasingly unwilling to trust the military; as from their point of view the now overruled plan is evidence of an Army that cannot learn from its mistakes and has a senior management hopelessly out of tune with the rest.
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  6. You can use that paragraph for most nationalised industries, and certainly for the government itself, both local and national, simply: Delete 'Army' insert word of choice.

    Also swap 'govt' for 'electorate'.
  7. Top journo. Clearly.
  8. Nah you are going to be merged with UKBA
  9. At which point, no one will be talking about the poor quality of the TA...
  10. No only the poor quality of the management which has been perennial. "We who have done so much with so little for so long.. etc" Funny how Labour who did so much to ensure we didn't work, now blame staff for operating under their system. It's one of the reasons I retired- on time, when I could have carried on, it was ******* soul destroying.